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As we grow through life we learn how behavior changes based on our social situations. It is known that social psychology is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others (Kowalski,2009). We begin as a tabula rasa on which various experiences throughout development write behavior and, ultimately, the person him/her self. We will take a look at the relationships which determine behavior of parents and children when it comes to discipline as well as the relationship between persons who are sober and person who are drunk and their different behaviors.Children and ParentsWhen examining parent and children relationship and discipline. We can conclude that parents are more likely to discipline according to how they were disciplined. Because behavior is formed by consequents and punishments and rewards will ultimately influence behavior, discipline is a key component in raising a child. Learning can occur without a changein behavior. Behaviorists say that learning has to be characterized by an undeviating modification in behavior, in dissimilarity social learning theorists say because we can learn through watching alone, their learning may not essentially be shown in their presentation. Learning may or may not result in a behavior change (Ormord, 1999). I will take my daughter for example. She is seven (7) years old and heading to second grade. Disciplining her has been a challenge for me. I have tried the Hitler approach which was what I saw growing up. Either do as I say or get a beating. I knew that time has shown that different discipline methods yield different results. So my dilemma was do I teach her the rules of good behavior and bad behavior, do I take away privileges, use corporal punishment, yell and/or scold, or do I allow the behavior to go unnoticed? In the beginning I used to spank her without conversation, but with her I have learned that I can't be a strict disciplinarian because it forces her to become fearful of situations and persons of authority. This is not the adaptation that I want for her. If it is true that operant conditioning equals strengthening patterns of learned behavior reinforcement (Psych 101 Study Guides Chapter 5,2010) we want to condition children to be respectful of authority and not fearful. The incident that made me realize my daughter was not respectful of me but fearful of me was when we were home and she was just being rowdy the whole day and I was at that point of no return (which was my fault for letting my frustration build up) I yelled at her and the fear in her eyes made me step back and remember my childhood and discipline. I was fearful of my mom because of how I knew I would be punished. How much of this has become considered classical conditioning. Dowe condition...

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