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Nothing But Problems With Drugs Essay

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There are many people who take drugs like Oxycontin (Oxycodone) for example and use it for their own person pleasure and that is to get high off of it. Prescription drug use for those who do not need it had sky rocketed in the past few years especially becoming an epidemic in not only large cities, but also even in small towns. The problem of people using prescription drugs is not only visible in the U.S. but world-wide. Even though the use of these drugs is sometimes illegal and for someone’s personal enjoyment rather than need, there are many people who take drugs like Oxycontin for pain. From my own experience with my mother taking prescription drugs like there have been a few things that ...view middle of the document...

” This is very long and extensive list of side effects which only reveal the short-term effects. In the beginning of this article titled Oxycontin it is said that maybe the respiratory issues associated with the drug may be the most severe also later in the article revealing that the drug is very addictive. These short term effects associated seem like they could do more damage to the user than help which really questions rather it’s worth it when other solutions are available.
Next, there are also long-term effects along with short-term effects of Oxycontin such as addiction. Again the Drug Guide goes along to say in their article titled Oxycontin, “Chronic use of opioids can result in tolerance for the drugs, which means that users must take higher doses to achieve the same initial effects. Long-term use also can lead to physical dependence and addiction — the body adapts to the presence of the drug, and withdrawal symptoms occur if use is reduced or stopped.” Once the user uses the drug the more and more they use it or rather they need it therefore they continue taking it and after getting a tolerance to it they begin needing more for the medicine to help. This relates with those drug users who have similar problems the higher tolerance they have for the drug the more the need of it therefore it affects the body more and more due to higher dosages. By then relying on this drug for other reasons rather than pain the user becomes addicted. When the user then becomes addicted to the drug it’s very difficult for them to completely stop using it because they will go through withdrawal stages.
Finally, once the user is addicted to the drug to come off the drug they have to go through withdrawal which is another issue with Oxycontin. In Novus’s article titled Oxycodone Withdrawals & Symptoms,” Every human being possesses unique DNA, which means, among other things, that they...

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