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Nothing Comes Without A Price Essay

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Stress is a part of life whether anyone likes it or not. It can be caused by a variety of factors including when someone drives below the speed limit when you're in a rush, worrying about paying bills, and family deaths. There’s nothing we can do to prevent some of the stressors that we face everyday but there are techniques that we can use to lessen the effects and overcome and cope with the stressors at hand. Being a sophomore in college, I face daily stressors that range from big to small, but throughout my years I've established coping strategies to conquer my problems and lift my spirits.
Stress is defined as a person’s response to events that are threatening or challenging. For me, stress includes finding time to do everything I want; making time for homework and studying, squeezing in time to workout and to make it to tennis practice, and still have down time to relax and hang out with my friends. Most of my stress derives from personal stressors, major life events that have immediate negative consequences that generally fade with time, and background stressors, everyday annoyances that cause minor irritations but can develop into long-term ill effects if they continue or are combined with other stressful events. I have luckily never had to deal with a major personal stressor that directly impacted me such as a death or divorce. I however, have to deal with a continuing stressor in my life that most people never have to deal with, but I have fortunately been able to cope with it despite it never going away.
The stressor that I am talking about here is my stuttering. Diagnosed as a child, it is something that is never going to go away. I have taken speech lessons and from those I have developed cues and techniques to help control my stuttering. I could lie and say that my speech doesn't impact my stress or I could say that it controls my life, it’s neither. Growing up I've accepted my speech and allowed it to not affect me too much, nonetheless, it still has an impact. There’s nothing I can really do beyond using the techniques I've been taught since it’s wired in my brain. Even though I’ve accepted my stutter, engaging in the simplest of conversations can become exceedingly stressful as a result of me being unable to say what I want. While this stressor is...

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