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Nothing Is Healthy Anymore Essay

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Even though fast food restaurants are fast and quick in an emergency, getting rid of fast food should lower the over population of overweight people. Provided fast food restaurants usually don’t use real meat, and without real meat there are more fats and preservatives than our body needs. At they say that just one meal at a fast food restaurant can hold enough calories, sodium, and fat for that entire day! (Paul and Robinson 1) Not only are they unhealthy, but they are unclean. An illustration is that when you go to get your drink, look up the ice dispenser. Many times there will be mold. There is a way to eat healthier at a fast food restaurant, but it will not be as ...view middle of the document... also states that, "A single meal of a Double Wopper with cheese, a medium order of fries, and an apple pie from Burger King contains more saturated fat than the American Heart Association recommends that we consume in two days!"(Paul and Robinson 1). They also recommend that if you have a habit of eating fries to stop and only get them every few times. Almost every person will say, 'So what, I will just start working out or get one of those diet fruits....', but do you really know how hard it is to break a habit? The average time for breaking a habit is approximately 66 days, but it depends. Some take from 18 weeks, but others take up to five months. Some people will look up how to eat healthier foods at that restaurant. Instead of fries they will get a salad, instead of a complex sandwich/burger they will get a normal sized burger, or instead of pie they will get a real fruit smoothie. First, the salads are probably days old, real fruit smoothies don’t have a lot of actual fruit, and you are still getting a lot of saturated fat from all of the ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. (
When you walk into a fast food restaurant do you look around to see how clean it is? If so, is it clean? The real answer is that it looks clean but it isn't. There is mold in the ice dispenser, the fries are usually not fresh, some employees use the five second rule, during the mornings they use what was left from the day before. Of course people are going to say that they just won't get ice and they will just order a salad, but their salads are just as bad as getting a complex hamburger. In fact, quite often their salads are made days before...

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