Nothing Can Bring You Peace But Yourself, Personal Essay

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.' I am thinking about the time when my bestfriend died, and when I stopped being myself and my life started going to hell.It happened maybe two or three years ago. The day is very clear in my memory. Theweather was cold and nasty. The monotonous rain made everything outside look gray. Iwas at home, waiting for my girlfriend to arrive. I was sitting on the couch drinking hot teaand feeling warm and cozy. My dog was there too, I remember. We were watching a talkshow, but I was not paying much attention to what was going on. All I cared about was mygirlfriend was coming home and that we would be able to see each other again. She had leftonly four weeks earlier, but I had already missed her greatly. We had been friends since the9th grade. In the beginning we were enemies; we hated each other. Oh, how we fought!One time she accused me of taking her purse, knowing what a notorious prankster I was, eventhough I had no idea what she was talking about. Later she found her purse in her friendslocker. It seems she had forgotten she had put it there. This turned out to be the first, butnot the last, accident that would occur. What didn't we argue about? After about, fouryears, we became the best friends ever. We were perfectly compatible with each other. Webegan spending all our time together. We were vital to each other. I came to know eachand every detail about her life as she did about mine. It was the most enduring friendship ofmy life.I looked at the clock above my head. Six fifty. She was supposed to arrive at five o'clock.I felt uncomfortable, some weird feeling crawled around my heart. I did not understand it.I waited and waited. It was dark already and I was afraid of being in solitude. I couldn'tstand it anymore. Seven o'clock.The phone rang and it startled me. Who might it be? I wasn't expecting a phone call fromanyone. I got up from the couch and picked up the phone. 'Who is this' said the...

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