Nothing New On The Western Front

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Paul BäumerAs the novel's narrator and protagonist, Paul is the central figure in All Quiet on the Western Front and serves as the mouthpiece for Remarque's meditations about war. Throughout the novel, Paul's inner personality is contrasted with the way the war forces him to act and feel. His memories of the time before the war show that he was once a very different man from the despairing soldier who now narrates the novel. Paul is a compassionate and sensitive young man; before the war, he loved his family and wrote poetry. Because of the horror of the war and the anxiety it induces, Paul, like other soldiers, learns to disconnect his mind from his feelings, keeping his emotions at bay in order to preserve his sanity and survive.As a result, the compassionate young man becomes unable to mourn his dead comrades, unable to feel at home among his family, unable to express his feelings about the war or even talk about his experiences, unable to remember the past fully, and unable to conceive of a future without war. He also becomes a "human animal," capable of relying on animal instinct to kill and survive in battle. But because Paul is extremely sensitive, he is somewhat less able than many of the other soldiers to detach himself completely from his feelings, and there are several moments in the book (Kemmerich's death, Kat's death, the time that he spends with his ill mother) when he feels himself pulled down by emotion. These surging feelings indicate the extent to which war has programmed Paul to cut himself off from feeling, as when he says, with devastating understatement, "Parting from my friend Albert Kropp was very hard. But a man gets used to that sort of thing in the army."Paul's experience is intended to represent the experience of a whole generation of men, the so-called lost generation-men who went straight from childhood to fighting in World War I, often as adolescents. Paul frequently considers the past and the future from the perspective of his entire generation, noting that, when the war ends, he and his friends will not know what to do, as they have learned to be adults only while fighting the war. The longer that Paul survives the war and the more that he hates it, the less certain he is that life will be better for him after it ends. This anxiety arises from his belief that the war will have ruined his generation, will have so eviscerated his and his friends' minds that they will always be "bewildered." Against such depressing expectations, Paul is relieved by his death: "his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come." The war becomes not merely a traumatic experience or a hardship to be endured but something that actually transforms the essence of human existence into irrevocable, endless suffering. The war destroys Paul long before it kills him. KantorekThough he is not central to the novel's plot, Kantorek is an important figure as a focus of Remarque's bitter critique of the ideals of...

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All Quite On The Western Front

547 words - 2 pages “All Quiet On The Western Front”            World War I was a fierce and very disturbing time for many people. During war people will stretch their own personal boundaries and limits just to stay alive. Although every solider was someone’s son, by the end of the war this was not a factor. By thinking of an enemy as less then human, the act of killing someone’s son was a little

All Quiet on the Western Front

682 words - 3 pages leg is amputated, and he falls into a depression. By the end of 1918, the majority of Paul’s friends are dead. One, Detering, attempted to desert. Another, Kat, was killed by shrapnel. Paul becomes sick from poisonous gas, and is sent to a hospital. He realizes how there will be nothing for him in peacetime, as he states ‘We will not be able to find our way any more.’ When he returns to the front, Paul is shot and killed on one of the quietest days in the war. The army’s report for the day is what inspires the book’s title, stating that ‘All is quiet on the western front.’

All Quiet On The Western Front

1238 words - 5 pages World War I was supposedly "The War to End All Wars". It was such a terrible conflict, a war so great it affected the entire globe. This is how we today, in the year 2000, view World War I; from an overall perspective. However, the theme of All Quiet on the Western Front gives us the war from the perspective of one individual enemy soldier. His life was destroyed at such a young age because he was forced to fight for the problems caused by past

All quiet on the western front

1190 words - 5 pages have to wait nervously in it for whatever happens to you…Every soldier owes the fact that he is still alive to a thousand lucky chances and nothing else" (p72). The way that young men who become soldiers, innocently and senselessly kill one another also show war's futile aspect in All Quiet on the Western Front. Paul reflects, "I am young, I am twenty years of age; but I know nothing of life except despair, death, fear and the combination

All Quiet On The Western Front

699 words - 3 pages "All Quiet on the Western Front" Essay "All Quiet on the Western Front" was a movie about the war between the French and the Germans told in first person by Paul Baumer, a nineteen year old student. Paul was convinced to enlist with the German army by his schoolmaster, Kantorek. Along with many of his friends from school, he is trained under Corporal Himmelstoss, a strictly disciplined commander who dislikes Paul. When

All Quiet On The Western Front

545 words - 2 pages All Quiet On the Western Front The perpetual presence of eradication, violence, death, and fear during war numbs the senses, desensitizes the soul, and kills the conscience. World War I defined a whole generation, and it corrupted them. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, the author conveys his anti-war views. Remarque continually shows that the war created a "lost" generation devoid of morality and

All Quiet On The Western Front - 1262 words

1262 words - 5 pages young men in this war were subject to physical and moral torture, they really had nothing to gain from it, though. Is it really worth it? Is the simple order of a high officer enough for someone to kill thousands of innocent soldiers? In All Quiet on the Western Front, a group of soldiers learned about the reality of war. They encountered living in trenches, hand-to-hand combat and step-by-step discovered how horrible the war was. Remarque's

All Quiet on the Western Front

1932 words - 8 pages All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque's literary breakthrough, All Quiet on the Western Front, describes two stories. It meticulously chronicles the thoughts of a soldier in World War I while simultaneously detailing the horrors of all wars; each tale is not only a separate experience for the soldier, but is

All Quiet on the Western Front

999 words - 4 pages The Sorrows of War and the Glorious Lies Is it really worth it? Is the simple order by a superior officer enough for someone to spill the blood of innocent soldiers? In All Quiet on the Western Front, a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a group of soldiers learn the hard way about the realities of war. They encounter trench warfare and hand-to-hand combat and slowly see how horrible the war is. Using the book, the author expresses his

All Quiet on the Western Front

1027 words - 4 pages that they would feel the same if the new soldiers were senior soldiers and newer soldiers came to the battlefield and said that. At the very end of the book the character says he is the last of seven platoon members from his class. It is very strange that the whole book is in first person but on page 248 it suddenly changes from first person to third person. Paul Baumer died in October of 1918. Let’s have a moment of silence. Williams 5 Bibliography Maria, Remarque, Erich. All Quiet on the Western Front. Boston: Little, Brown, 1975.

All quiet on the western front

3274 words - 13 pages Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front, a novel set in World War I, centers around the changes wrought by the war on one young German soldier. During his time in the war, Remarque's protagonist, Paul Baumer, changes from a rather innocent Romantic to a hardened and somewhat caustic veteran. More importantly, during the course of this metamorphosis, Baumer disaffiliates himself from those societal icons--parents, elders, school

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1007 words - 5 pages can be seen as negative as Paul is killed however it can also be viewed as positive because Paul’s suffering comes to an end and he dies an evidently pleasant death that appears to be a relief by his facial expression. The very last paragraph just reiterates Paul’s thought throughout the book that the people actually fighting were nothing but pawns as the log book reads all quiet on the western front despite his death. Using the always suspenseful

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1214 words - 5 pages The book All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, is about a group of 19 year old young men who are changed by the ways of war. There is paul: the main character; Tjaden: a tall, skinny locksmith, also the biggest eater; Albert Kropp: a lance-corporal and the clearest thinker; Muller: studious, intelligent, and likes school; Leer: has a preference for the girls from the prostitution houses and has a beard; Haie Westhus: a peat

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703 words - 3 pages the picture of the girl while having a drink. As the guys start being killed in the war, the group wishes that everything could be the way it used to be. The picture is a reminder that war messes up everything.The major theme of the novel All Quiet on the Western Front is that war must be avoided at all cost because of the loss of life and the destruction of countries. War also creates hatred among people. Nothing good can come out of war