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Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels.

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The growing trend in obesity is a critical public health threat in the United States. The term "obesity" refers to an excessive amount of body fat. In scientific terms, obesity occurs when a person consumes more calories than he or she burns. What causes this imbalance between "calories in and calories out" may differ from one person to another. Genetic, environmental, psychological, and other factors may all play a part in the problem. Obesity is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United StatesI think that all people agree that obesity despite the great presence it holds in this nation is something looked down upon. It can be quite dangerous to those whom fall into the category. The method of treatment depends on one's level of obesity, overall health condition, and motivation to lose weight. There are many ways to solve the growing trend. Treatment may include a combination of diet, exercise, behavior modification, and sometimes weight-loss drugs. In some cases of severe obesity, gastrointestinal surgery may be recommended. After analyzing the various solutions that have been turned to by many people, I have come to the conclusion that maybe these "overweight" individuals should simply stop eating or consume no more than five hundred calories per day. After all nothing tastes as good as thin feels.There are those who turn to diets to solve the problem. Dozens and dozens of fad diets have been compiled by people trying to "knock off the pounds". Those are the "yo-yo" dieters. They will try the Cabbage Soup Diet, the All-Meat Diet, the Low Carbohydrate Diet, then try the 3-Day Diet, and of course the Slim Fast Jump-Start Diet. They soon learn that these do not get them very far and turn into other directions.The lack of physical activity contributes to the high prevalence of overweight people and obesity in the United States. I strongly believe in making exercise a part of one's lifestyle. For this method seems to have led most people to loosing excessive weight. This is the healthiest and safest solution for those who are overweight. Walking or running more often, or simply doing fifty sit-ups each morning would greatly improve one's health. Each of the activities will help level out the ratio of calories taken in to calories being burned off...

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