Nothing To Fear But Fear It Self

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Serves as a reminder to people everywhere that fear should not guide our actions, nor should they influence our lives.Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that we have nothing to fear but fear it.He was right in many ways. It is in our perception of fear that we become scared.People feed off of the fear and compound the problem by becoming more scared. Fear is a powerful emotion that is capable of stopping people dead in their tracks and of taking the words right out of their mouths.Everyone has had to face it at one point in their lives.Whether you feel it when you are over ten feet off the ground, or when a certain insect lands on your shoulder, everyone has had an experience with fear.Fear is defined as an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by The presence or anticipation of danger When you experience fear, what is it that you're really afraid of? Is it what caused the fear in the first place? Maybe it is what can come to be because of that action. Some people cannot even go into dark places, or swim in water when they cannot see the bottom, simply from the fear of the unknown. Other people fall into certain categories and have lifelong fears known as phobias. Everyone is scared of something, but it is in which it is perceived. There are three types of phobias- specific, social and agoraphobia. Specific phobia is the fear of a specific object or thing. My fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) would fall under this category, along with Acrophobia (fear of heights), another common phobia. The second category of phobia, social phobia, is the fear of social situations. And the last category of phobia is Agoraphobia, the fear of...

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1520 words - 6 pages defeated and cease to cause problems include the following: One can examine one’s self (asking him or herself if he or she is too protective), one can set fair rules for both a him or herself and others around him or her, and the person can try not to take it too personally if his or her “personal space” is invaded (Clarkson 11, 110-111). The ways in which a fear of having “personal space” invaded can be defeated can vary but often, fears have

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1245 words - 5 pages The idea of fear is a remarkable one. From an evolutionary stand point it is a necessity that helps to protect animals, including humans, from injury or other dangerous situations. But what happens when that fear is either unfounded or a profound overreaction? Why does one person act in the face of fear while others are paralyzed? Is there any way to predict who will act and who will not? That is the main question asked by Peter Norton and

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1374 words - 5 pages Fear is an emotion brought on by danger, evil, or pain. Sometimes the threat is real and sometimes it can be imagined. A person who is walking through a dark alley in the middle of the night may experience fear because they do not know whether or not it is safe to continue on. The fear of the unknown is also expressed in 1984, The Lottery, and Harrison Bergeron. The government in 1984 uses fear to control the masses. They set strict rules but

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2382 words - 10 pages -20). This phrase depicts baby Jesus in his cradle, suffering a nightmare of man’s lowest possible point. According to the speaker, man’s First World War reflects this nightmare due to the sheer destruction and death toll that it caused. After “twenty centuries of stony sleep”, it has become apparent to the speaker that man has grown further from God than ever before. This realization invokes an unwavering sense of fear in regards to man’s future

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1513 words - 7 pages most developing countries will be able to refine biomass to biofuels efficiently to make the product competitive, so it is the relatively safe to assume most would become just large manufacturers of biomass. This might be a competitive product but this paper will argue that it is not in the best interest of both long term economic benefit, but also it will harm the effort against problems these countries are facing now, with poverty, HIV\AIDS and

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2528 words - 10 pages ; people are afraid of thinking for themselves. It prevents individuals from standing up for what they believe in. However, Atticus is able to do what he believes in because he does not fear losing the community's respect. It is more important for him to be able to " live with [him] self." Atticus was "born to do … unpleasant jobs" because the rest of society is "too afraid to do [it] themselves." He is not hindered by the

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1593 words - 6 pages suggests that they value “Christ” and “god”, who in effect is the superego as exemplified by Van Helsing “We are in the hands of god”. The “Cross” used within the novel is a symbol for society’s dependence on the superego as a defence mechanism against their archaic self. Therefore these examples show how the qualities of the vampire manifest fear and how society responds to it. Through a psychoanalytical analysis of Jonathan Demme’s film Silence

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1600 words - 6 pages come to have. This next passage is to convey the point about how Macbeths greed is turning into fear. He is talking to himself in this passage, this is what is called a soliloquy, They tell what excatly the character is thinking, they do not lie in these special passages so they are very helpfull when it comes to analysing. To be thus is nothing, But to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo Stick deep, and in his royalty of nature Reigns that which

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1373 words - 5 pages feelings and emotions can be hidden by fear. Fear and paranoia of the surrounding environment can cause a person to live an isolated life. Fear causes people to pray for salvation and have Christian resignation because of the hope they gain from it. Christian resignation refers to the submission of a person's life to Christian ideology of salvation and life everlasting. The Christian idea of life everlasting provides an excellent escape from

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