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“Sky's the limit and you know that you can have, what you want, be what you want, have what you want, be what you want.” This lyric by Christopher Wallace simply states that if you want something that it is possible for you to achieve it with enough hard work. Christopher Wallace, known to the world as the Notorious BIG was a product of the streets growing up in the ghetto of Brooklyn in the 1990s. Christopher inspired many with his timeless lyrics reflecting the American dream from the perspective of the average poverty stricken youth. His rise to success gave hope to the masses that if a young kid from Brooklyn can make it big, that anyone can (Wilkins). His songs and image continue to impact the world today as he became of music`s largest pop icons.

On May 21st 1972 Voletta Wallace gave birth to her son Christopher at St. Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn, New York (Itzkoff). At age two his father left the family and his mother worked two jobs from then on to support her son. At the age of 10 he was an excellent student during his middle school years and had gained the name Biggie due to his overweight stature. At age 12 Biggie started selling illegal drugs (Wilkins). At age 17 Christopher dropped out of high school. In 1989, he was arrested on weapons charges in Brooklyn and sentenced to five years' probation. In 1990, he was arrested on a violation of his probation. Only a year later, Wallace was arrested in North Carolina for dealing crack cocaine. He spent nine months in jail before making bail (Wilkins). During this time Christopher decided to focus on his budding rap career and try to move away from the crime scene. In 1992 he met Puffy who signed him to Uptown Records. By the end of 1992 Puffy and Biggie had both made the move to Bad Boy Records. Around this time Biggie met 2pac who at this time was the west coast`s greatest and most known rapper. The two of them took over the rap industry. On November 30th, 1994 2pac was shot down on his way into Biggie`s studio in New York. Although the two were friends a rivalry for the greatest rapper was present. This rivalry set in the paranoia in 2pac`s head that Biggie had arranged for him to be shot. This sparked the beef between east and west coast rappers that still lasts to this day. In August of 1994 he married Faith Evans. A month later in September he released his debut album, Ready to Die (UXL). This is the album that changed his life and left an everlasting impact on the world. With 2pac`s death occurring in the end of 1996 the beef between east and west coast rappers was at an all time high and Biggie was promoting his second album. He played a controversial show in LA during this strand of promotional shows. The night of this show, March 9, 1997, Biggie was shot and killed leaving the club.

Going from nothing to becoming an of the biggest rappers in history is truly inspiring to many. In his lyrics he showed the truth of the streets that many people never knew and the struggles of...

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