Notre Dame University Football Dynasty Essay

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Waking up the Echoes

Throughout College Football's extensive 138 year history, there has been debate over which football team is the greatest dynasty. Many dynasties throughout the nation have the ability to be titled 'the greatest'. Nevertheless, the University of Notre Dame is undeniably the best overall College Football dynasty, when one considers not only statistics but also tradition, heart, and dedication. Notre Dame?s exceptional dynasty has many attributing factors throughout its history. These factors range from the greatest coaches and players to the contagious Irish spirit. No matter what ethnic background a Notre Dame man comes from, the minute he steps out onto 'Rockne's house'(Notre Dame Stadium), he automatically becomes one of the Fighting Irish. It is a telling act that throughout Notre Dame's history, and increasingly in recent years, many players, coaches, and fans have made the university their home purely because of their preference to be in the midst of a community of learning where belief is not merely tolerated, but in fact is celebrated.
Notre Dame?s football history has not only been legendary but memorable. From their extraordinary hall of fame coaches to their historic rivalries, not one person can forget the Fighting Irish. During this Irish History, their dynasty could not have been ?Rock?-solid (referring to Knute Rockne who built Notre Dame Stadium) without outstanding coaches. With thirteen national titles, Notre Dame has more football championships than any other university or college in history. The thirty remarkable coaches include the greatest in Notre Dame?s history: Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian, and Lou Holtz. The program has the highest total winning percentage, higher than any other college or university at .734 percent as of 2006 (from Steve Delson?s book, Talking Irish). Coaches are well aware that their hard work would not pay off without the players to ?go, go, go, go? and execute their remarkable strategies. The ?Hart? of a dynasty (referring to Leon Hart) is obviously the players. With outstanding records of seven Heisman Trophy winners and seventy nine All-American winners, these are all collegiate best. Despite all of Notre Dame?s vast records and statistics, the tradition of Notre Dame is greater than any trophy or record. The Notre Dame traditions or so called ?spirit, is what gives Notre Dame its spark. Traditions such as the ?Play Like a Champion Today? sign that hangs at the end of the football locker room wall and Touchdown Jesus show their passion for the game and for Notre Dame. There?s a unique feeling about Notre Dame that numerous people have experienced but only few can describe. Coach Ara Parseghian says, ?The first day I drove up the avenue that takes you to Golden Dome, a charge went down my back? (Stephen Singular, Notre Dame?s Greatest Coaches). A certain mystique began in Notre Dame?s past and carries on into the current days.
In present days, regardless of...

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