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Notte Bella The Bishop Makes His Move

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Notte Bella-The Bishop Makes His Move
The adventure known as The Bishop has taken the individuals who surround the band, friends, family members, fans, and the band members themselves to whole new position on the board. By turning their demo into a full-length album the band grew closer to everyone who around them producing unexpected outcomes. They never realized how much they grew as a unit until they heard the end product and their fan base continues to grow with them. Reaching a new point in their career as a band has shown them they respond to stimuli such as the energy the put into the creation of their debut album as well as the energy they interject into each of their performances.
The band is centrally situated in Southern California’s music scene between L.A. and the Inland Empire. Joey said, “Booking has been getting intense because of the reputation that has perceived us since the release of our album.” The band members humbly respond to their success which is pulsating through their band’s live shows. The exciting new venture they are thankful to experience is a byproduct of maturation not just name recognition. Merging previously played music with new songs created major changes in the set list. The easy transition was due to the fact they tested their new material out on their audience prior to recording each track.“In fact, we based our writing abilities on our crowd response. If we created a song that wasn't as good as the others we would scrap it and creating something different and better of our capabilities. It’s not only about our artistic creativity, but about how we can relate what we do with everyone else,” Joey said. The guitarist is his toughest critic and believes if his audience to whom they are writing for cannot relate to the content then they have failed as artist.
The audience is relating to the entire album showing their hard work and writing sessions paid of. Head I Win, Tails You Loose" is a strong competitor in terms of favorite fan selections since the song had been played in various shows last year. The band member also includes brownie points winner "Apollo" the song not the god as fans favorite consuming their audiences’ attention. The track which causes a lot of welcomed raucous at their shows lately is "Do What You Want, You're Going To Anyways" naturally playing into the albums theme. Vocal arrangements also diversify the new material from the previously released fan favorites. Lead singer Bobby has received high praise alongside constructive criticism. As the fans become more familiar with his sound the band has strengthen Bobby’s voice by adding more harmonies. Joey said, “The response has been unbelievable but like any artist we still look to grow and learning how to reach our new goals.” Stepping out of the familiar vocal styles fans were courted on means growth comes in all different forms. Joey elaborates, “ It has been creative and fun to find patterns that work with what we are doing as...

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