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Novel Assignment 5

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Feed’s rigor wasn’t easy for any means. The vocabulary wasn’t necessarily hard but the content throughout the book was confusing. I had to reread certain chapters throughout the book so I could get a better grasp on exactly what was going on. I liked how the chapter titles sort of showed what the chapter was going to be about as Kylie Barclay mentioned in our group discussion questions for Feed. For example, one chapter in Part 1 Moon was named “Juice”. The chapter was about Titus at the snack bar buying a chocolate mousse in a tube while watching a girl push juice out of her mouth when she thought no one was looking.
In our society today technology is almost everywhere you look. Many people in the generations that did not grow up with technology believe it is not good for the youth. They believe technology allows for information to be too easily accessed. The result of this is the students do not truly learn the material because if they are doing an assignment and are stuck on an answer they can just use technology such as the internet to retrieve the answer. This makes Feed relevant to our society because in Feed Titus has a transmitter that is directly implanted into his brain. The “feed” sends information to his brain without having to learn it. This causes him to be addicted to the feed because he can barely think for himself due to being so dependent on this transmitter. Being dependent on the feed is scary for a society, if the youth loses their ability to read and write since information is given to them, it is going to impact all areas of life. This teaches the youth they do not have to put in any work to learn information because it is just being given to them. I truly believe our technology as of now is nothing like the transmitter in Feed. We are not even close to a feed yet, even with our constant access to information. We...

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