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Novel Dosage Forms Essay

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Dry Powder InhalersThis small device is similar to a metered dose inhaler (MDI), but the drug is in powder form. The patient exhales out a full breath, places the lips around the mouthpiece, then quickly breathes in the powder. Note that the technique is different than for MDIs -- dry powder inhalers do not require the timing and coordination that are necessary with MDIs. There are other important differences, so make sure that you always know the proper technique for the method you are using.Dry powder inhalers are becoming more common, in part because they do not use the "CFC" propellant found in an MDI. (CFCs damage the ozone and will be phased out of MDIs in the next few years.) Dry powder inhalers are as effective as MDIs -- in fact, some may prove to be slightly more effective.Naturally, there are several disadvantages. If the patient exhales directly toward the device, the powder can be blown out. Also, much of the powder ends up in the mouth, which can cause unwanted side effects -- this is similar to what happens when a patient puts an MDI directly into their mouth. As with MDIs, it is recommended that you wash your mouth after administering the drug.(Greene Ink, Inc., 2003)What is a dry powder inhaler?A dry powder inhaler (DPI) is similar to a metered dose inhaler. Both are handheld devices that deliver a precisely measured dose of asthma medicine into the lungs. The advantage of using a dry powder inhaler is that it is breath-activated, so you don't have to coordinate activating the inhaler (spraying the medicine) while at the same time inhaling the medication. Instead, you simply breathe in quickly to activate the flow of medication. In this way, the breath-activated discharge of medicine is always coordinated with your inhalation effort.In a dry powder inhaler the asthma medication comes in a dry powder form - inside a small capsule, a disk, or a compartment inside your inhaler. The dry powder in some inhalers has no taste, while in others the medication is mixed with lactose (a simple sugar), giving it a sweet taste. Most people find dry powder inhalers easy to use. Because the capsules need to stay dry they should not be stored in a damp place such as a bathroom.Both quick-relief medicine (inhaled bronchodilators), and long-term control medicine (inhaled corticosteroids) can be delivered to the airways using a DPI. Dry powder inhalers are not designed for use with a spacer.How to use a dry powder inhalerThere are many types of dry powder inhalers available. Each of them has a different operating method. Some have to be loaded each time they are used (Inhalator, Spinhaler, Rotahaler). Others have disks with a set number of doses (4 or 8), while other DPIs have as many as 200 doses stored in the device (Turbuhaler, Accuhaler). To get the full benefit from these DPIs you need to make sure you hold your breath for about 10 seconds or as long as you can after taking the medication.Unlike metered dose inhalers, where slow inhalation is...

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