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Novel Research Essay

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Novel Research
The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
Vaillant, John. (2010). The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival. Knopf Canada.

Review #1:
Lewine, Edward. (2010, October 8). Man-Eater. Retrieved May 4, 2014, from
This non-fiction story about a malicious tiger alternates between a gripping narrative and in depth explanations about the surrounding culture and ecology. What makes this book special is the way that the author, John Vaillant, tries to understand the monster. Vaillant does this by making behavioral conclusions about the tiger based on his research. The author shows his extensive research ...view middle of the document...

Some good luck, experience, and preparedness saves Trush from becoming the tiger’s next victim. The book also takes a glimpse into the unique ecosystem of the Primorye territory, between China and the Sea of Japan. Through some analogies, and theories about the very detailed tiger, John Vaillant delivers a great read despite the fact that at some parts of the story, the novel seems more like a magazine article than a novel.
Personal Response—Rejection
Initially I thought I would like The Tiger since it is a non-fiction story. True stories interest me because of their genuineness compared to a fictional novel. However, after reading more in detail about the amount of environmental facts and knowledge crammed into the book, I feel that this would not be the best choice for me. I understand that the author is trying to promote conserving endangered species such as the Amur tiger and to put a stop to poaching. None the less, I find it frustrating that the perspective of the author is about how to catch poachers rather than trying to find a solution to reduce poverty in these undeveloped areas of Russia, which is compelling many people to turn to poaching. Therefore, I think that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this novel.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Ford, Jamie. (2009). Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Random House Publishing Group.

Review #1:
Piehl, Norah. (2009, January 30). Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Retrieved May 4, 2014, from
This novel is set on the boundary between the Chinese and Japanese neighborhoods in Seattle. During World War II, these neighborhoods were like two different countries. This story revolves around Henry Lee’s past and present. In the short chapters, the book travels back and forth in time to Henry’s past and present.
In 1942, Henry was a young boy who was confused what was changing the world. As the son of Chinese immigrants, Henry was sent to a private school, where he was the only non-white student in his class. That is, until a young Japanese girl, Keiko Okabe arrived. Keiko and Henry quickly became very close friends, despite Henry’s father strong beliefs in Chinese nationalism, and would be furious if he knew Henry was friends with a girl of Japanese descent. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Keiko’s family and all the other Japanese Americans were a target of racial hatred. Not long later, they were all sent to Japanese American internment camps. This story looks at the complicated relationships between the races during the period after the United States joined World War II. Henry is occasionally too mature for a 12 year old boy, but this left the possibility for the author to give Henry an optimistic and romantic future.
Review #2:
Unknown. (2010, May 20). Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Retrieved May 4, 2014, from...

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