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This innovative minimally invasive cutting tool with force sensing functions will be a significant asset to the medical world. The device is not merely limited to transmission of information about forces applied; this design presented is additionally small enough to be utilized within a catheter. Unique design abilities allow for improvements in minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) for both the patient and surgeon. Force feedback will deliver data to the operator to sense what is occurring during a surgical procedure; this is especially critical when visual field information is limited or obscured. This is a major medical advantage provided by this incising instrument. Design issues that must be addressed are found in both the mechanical and electrical aspects. Mechanical concerns include ensuring that the entire device is the correct size, the components operate as designed, and keeping all parts tightly secure. Selecting materials that allow for mechanical stability and bio-compatibility are crucial to its success. It is imperative that connections of the sensor to the electrical wiring strip remain securely in place throughout all motions performed by the blade to ensure correct force readings. Upon contemplating these thoughts, I believe the mechanical aspects will be the key technical design issues.
The device is intended to enhance the outcomes of MIS [4]. This cutting tool consists of six main components: a flexible circuit, conductive tape, force sensor, sensor support, nylon ball and a ruby knife [4]. The triaxial force sensor is one of the more critical components of this design. Failure of this part would cause inaccurate or no transmission of force readings, and the goal of the device would not be achieved. A sensing chip and carrier chip are the two parts that together make the force sensor [1]. These pieces are placed together by means of flip-chip bonding and the carrier chip acts as the strong backbone [1]. The electrical feature, to measure the force and tip deflection, is created of four piezoresistors. To gain maximum sensitivity, the areas of high stress are identified and these piezoresistors are implemented with the correct dimension and positions [1]. The piezoresistors range in value from 800Ω to 1000Ω [4]. To build the sensing element a SOI wafer is used [1]. Advanced Silicon Etching technology is implemented for the fabrication of the sensor [3].In the sensor, a polyurethane filling is used to create better load limits [4]. Once the design was created, tests were conducted on the mechanical strength of the force sensor. To test this aspect of the sensor, the three force components are varied by changing the applied force to the top of the sensor [1]. The three force components can be seen in figure 2 [1]. Applied force values were increased up to the maximum accepted values, for the strength criteria. The sensor with the filling, along with the flexible circuit, creates the base of the design. As previously stated, to...

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