"Novelists Invariably Write To Convey Their View On Human Nature And Society." Use This Quotation As A Starting Point To Write About The Thematic Concerns Of The Novel.

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In "Emma", Jane Austen has conveyed her views about the confined nature of women's existence, the evils of trickery and a lack of directness, and the damaging consequences of unrestrained use of the imagination.Austen's view on the confined nature of women's existence is expressed through Emma, Jane, miss Bate. Emma, the protagonist of the novel, gives an impression of a bored girl, constantly seeking for excitement by preoccupying in other's business. Through Emma, Jane Austen expresses the theme of matrimony, which enhances her view about the confined nature of women's existence. Emma says the motivation behind matrimony is fortune, class, love and for female, employment. The fact that matrimony is considered as employment suggests the limitation in woman's live- marriage is the only employment for them.Apart from Emma, Jane Austen uses the minor characters Miss Bates and Jane Fairfax to convey her views about woman's place in society, one of the thematic concerns in the novel. Miss Bates is the single woman in poverty and because of that she has depend on others for compassion and support. She can't get a job because she is a woman with limited intellect. Even if a woman has intellect, the only job available is as a governess. This idea is illustrated by Jane Fairfax-she is a woman with great intellect but the only job available for a woman in her situation is the governess, which she compares to the slave trade. The comparison with slave trade is Jane's suggestion that a woman, no matter how brilliant, is limited to only the unpleasant jobs where she has to listen to the whims of the employees.Jane Austen conveys her view about humanity-the tendency to resolve to trickery and its consequence, one of the major thematic concerns in the novel. The view is expressed through Emma's dealings and Frank and Jane deception. Emma's dealings with Mr. Elton are trickery and not plain forward; she is trying to manipulate the situation to bind Mr. Elton and Harriet together. The consequences of her action are her own involvement and unhappiness for Emma, Harriet and Mr. Elton. Austen suggests that even though manipulation may be motivated by good reasons such as finding happiness for a friend it will often lead to disastrous consequence and unhappiness for both manipulator and manipulated.The actions of Frank and Jane have similar consequences. Frank, in order to deceive others, have unwittingly caused great grief to Jane. By flirting with Emma on many social occasions, Frank has aggravated Jane to the degree that she thinks she is unwanted. His actions have also come close to making Emma falling in love with him, which would create unhappiness for Emma when she finds out. In...

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