Serving In The Military Should Continue To Be Voluntary In America

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Ever since the first war involving America started, there have been countless discussions on who should fight for our country. There are talks of age, gender, and if the service should be voluntary or not. In America, serving is voluntary, although, in other countries, it is not. The service should stay voluntary in America because if not, it would go against freedom and it would be a source of newfound problems within our country. Also, if youth took off two years of their lives to serve, they would not gain experience to work in the fields that need more work force.
In America, we live by the idea of freedom. When one thinks about freedom, America comes to mind. The stars and the stripes. The Declaration of Independence. The found fathers. We have created the ultimate "land of the free", our national anthem even embodies the idea. Freedom means having your own voice, and being able to do what makes you happy. Forcing young men and women to take out two years of their lives to serve for our military is not even close to following the idea of a free country. We have the right to choose what field we want to work in, and we should have the freedom to do so.
Forcing any person to do anything will, if not initially, ultimately cause feelings of, for lack of better words, hate. Furthermore, trying to control someone will almost always end in rebellions. If we take our history books, world or American, we see example of this everywhere. Women rebelling in the 1920s against conservative ways, slaves who broke free, the Philippines revolting against the Spanish, the list goes on and on with protests, uprisings, ext cetera. Forcing our youth to serve will only end in citizens doing anything to avoid it. Many families with young children would be heart broken to know their child has to serve without a choice, so what would stop any sane mother from taking extreme measures to save her own child. All over the country outbreaks of violence would surface. Acts of violence against the people in charge of the conscription would take place. That means our government would become the main source of every single citizens' hate and the main target for revenge. Conscription would add nothing but acts and thoughts of terror to our own country. Knowing that, there should be no question as to why our...

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