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Now And Then Technological Changes In Business Case Studies Specific To Australia (Incl. Fairfax, Chullora And Construct One)

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In the beginning...(Introduction)Technology within business has changed dramatically over the past few decades and through time. Advanced technologies increase the output and work efficiency and thus encouraging businesses to implement technological changes in the workplace. Technology was obviously not up to the standard it is at today, and technology continues to change and businesses will in most likelihood keep up with it. The motives behind technological change are numerous and will explore those factors in this report, as well as comparing technology in the past to the cutting-edge innovations we have today. Fairfax, Chullora and ConstructOne have been exampled.Legacies (History, What Technology Used to be)Technology was very limited in the past. Most industries were labour-oriented, relying on human labour and so became inefficient and slow, making quantity limited. Product quality wasn't high, as much was done by hand rather than machines and businesses would not be too concerned with the effect their business had on the natural environment. Work environments for employees would be ill maintained, messy and uninviting and the risk of work related injuries were high.Most businesses didn't implement technological change until only very recently mostly because the technology simply wasn't there, the technology didn't at the time seem to be going to mean reaping in great benefits and vast improvements, it costed too much and because not many businesses were around there wasn't much competition and so businesses were not demanded by consumers to provide better quality, more and faster.FairfaxFairfax printers as well as the Sydney Morning Herald journalists in the past were situated all in the CBD, being the centre of the city. This meant that the working environment was usually crowded, hectic and messy. Workers were ununiformed and didn't always wear safety gear and equipment. Workers were allowed to smoke in the workplace. The printers they used were mostly cylinder and rotary presses, which have become old and obsolete today. These printers were slow and had to be monitored and operated by personnel. They also mad a lot of mess. Ink would be on the splashed on the floor, loose sheets scattered about and they would be quite a lot of noise. Not many papers were produced and the quality was not high due to these problems.Chullora Recycling PlantThe Chullora Recycling Plant was set up relatively recently so the technology was already there when they began. Recycling before this time was slow and required manual sorting and if these technologies didn't exist, everything would have to continue to be manually sorted today. Having people to sort by hand would mean that sorting was many times slower. Lack of technica knowledge of how to recycle some materials and ill educated consumers meant that much of what could have been recycled today was sent to the dump increasing the amount of rubbish going to landfills. The environment would have been...

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