Now Ain't This Some Shit! Essay

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Now Ain’t That Some Shit!
Me and a dear friend of mine were sitting around just shoot'n the shit back and forth… No quarrels or ill intentions between the two of us whatsoever; all in good innocent humor out of the blue we just both took the notion to talk a little shit. A little shit about this shit, that shit, strange shit, wild shit, stupid shit… all sorts of bullshit. Then some crazy shit came to both of our minds almost as if this shit had in some way synchronized into some WOW type of shit. If you think you’re on the verge of cracking up now from just the little bit of shit that I’ve mentioned of all that shit so far… Get a load of this shit… It dawned on us both… For somebody that has always looked upon as somebody that don’t know shit about shit; truth be told… I know some shit about some shit… and I know that you know some shit about some shit too… Therefore, here’s the shit. With all the shit, I know about shit and the shit that you know about shit… If someone were to put all that, shit together… and in some way manage to understand all that shit… That’d be some dangerous shit… too much Shit for one person to handle… because come on… that’d be some shit that would get you into some shit… No man should be exposed to that much shit… He/she would end up taking that shit to head and start walking around as if they’re the shit and knowing that nobody else was holding that much shit… You know people will kill you over some dumb shit nonetheless over somebody not only being the shit but knowing their the shit and walking around where it’s oblivious to everybody else that they’re the shit... Just to make people feel like they ain’t shit… However; for a wise man, it would be some shit for instance… just so happens to find that shit... compile and combine all that shit, make sense of the shit. Print that shit, publish that shit, and sell that shit… don’t you know that’d be some million dollar shit... To say the least; all this shit has been mentioned before just as casual as it is being mentioned right now to close family members, friends and a few others, but never until this day been put into documentation as being done so right now. I have always known that when the time had come for it to be done, I’d know it. Today is that day; I never even given much thought over who would actually be the first one to think enough of somebody like myself who; according to so many others don’t know shit about shit because he ain’t never been shit… and chances are never will amount to shit… So I just take the shit they say and flush it down the toilet with the rest of my shit where it belongs… but… my teacher taught me that out of all the shit that people dish out and dump on me at the end of the day ... only retain that in which was good… and cast out the rest of the shit… Now as of this moment… I don’t believe I’ve had a job in over going 3 years if I’m not mistaken… Glory be to God… when I look around I've accumulated so much shit that I’m giving...

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