Now That I Graduate… Essay

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There are moments in life in which you just realize that some questions need to be answered.You wake up one day and just ask yourself. "What am I gonna do?" First answer that comes to mind: "I'll drink my strong black coffee, smoke my morning cigarette and start the day!" Then, as you watch the sunrise you get to think about the future, maybe see it in shades of pink just as the sky changes from night to day, thoughts run through your head...It all seems simple - "I'll graduate, find a job, buy (rent) a house, get married, have children, grow old and live happily ever after." And it will only take the rest of your life to accomplish that; therefore you won't have any reason to ...view middle of the document...

That's not a good area, let's face it! Euros…I don't even know my bank account number any longer, so it's pretty difficult to deal with that. So... no new home today!""Jobs" - "company hires secretary, good looking, knowledge of foreign languages and basic usage of PCs, a few years of experience". Skip. "I'm not a model!""Another company, hires shop assistant, basic knowledge of economy, a few more years of experience, DO NOT APPLY if you're a student!" by the capitals you realize that even those who WERE students at a point in their lives are excluded. Skip again."BIG foreign company hires young person with basic knowledge of English, a lot of abilities and at one year experience, sent CV to Attach a photo." That one sounds interesting."Maybe I can convince them that I don't need experience to be good. Furthermore, I have better English skills than they require. Maybe I'll play my card on that. I rush to the computer. That's my chance! They'll surely hire me! I'm young, I'm smart, open minded, and most of all, I have already written my CV". Compose, attach CV, send...Sent! "Now I'll just wait for the call, for a few days, weeks..."Second: call Mom. It's a habit now that technology has entered our lives and she has a mobile! "Hi Mom, I'm ok, I have classes in few moments…yes…I can manage my founds this week, but you know… I paid this and...

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