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"Now That The Devil Has Left!"

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Persepolis is a graphic novel depicting the life of author Marjane Satrapi’s life throughout the Islamic revolution, starting from her childhood. At one point in the story, the Shah of Iran has left the country, and Marjane’s parents think that they will have new freedoms. Later, however, the country is bombed and fundamentalists occupy the United States embassy. After these events, Marjane is ultimately forced to leave the country without her parents to live in Europe. This was foreshadowed in arguably the most significant panel in Persepolis, the 7th panel on page 43. It features Marjane and her parents, sitting in the family’s living room, the news on a television in the background. They are discussing the fact that the Shah recently left Iran to live in Egypt. Around the panel’s frame is a serpent-like creature. In this panel, Marjane Satrapi uses the frame, and contrasting facial expressions and dialogue to show that the Shah is not the only problem in Iran, foreshadowing the unexpected events of unrest that fill the rest of the story.
The frame in this panel shows that the violence taking place under the Shah will still remain, even though he has left. Marjane’s mother refers to the Shah as “the devil,” and mentions that he has left. The “devil,” however is still in this panel. It is a serpent-like monster wrapped around the frame, completely surrounding the family. Since monsters are usually negative or evil images, the serpent may signify negative events having to do with the Shah lurking around the corner. The fact that it encases the panel shows that although the Shah has been removed from power, the fundamentalist ideas behind the Shah still remain, but they are temporarily dormant. The man who holds the position of Shah is not necessarily the root of the problem. It is only a matter of time before...

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