Nra, Government, And Gun Control Essay

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A big issue in the U.S. is gun control. I understand that some guns should not be used by civilians but some guns civilians need to own for their own protection. The guns that civilians own right now are good but they have many restrictions. The only other thing that I can say about guns that civilians own are they are not always handy when they are needed. For example, rounds and clips have a lot of restrictions now. Magazines are also either being banned or restricted until you can not hardly use them. The organization that is fighting against gun control is the NRA. Many civilians are happy that that the NRA is fighting against gun control. I feel that civilians have the right to bear arms.
The NRA is an organization that fights against gun control. The NRA also stands for the National Rifle Association. The NRA does support the right to bear arms but they do not want people to use guns without caution. The history of this organization is huge, they were started in 1871. The NRA is also a nonprofit organization. The NRA fights against gun control in many ways but they usually just go to court to settle these debates. The NRA has held protest that are peaceful. The NRA has said that these debates are far from over. President Obama has also said the same thing. Both of these comments have to be taken into consideration when you decide who will win this issue.
In my opinion I think the government is what is causing gun control. I understand that civilians should not use automatic weapons. Automatic weapons are illegal to own, if you are caught with an automatic weapon you could get in serious trouble. I do not understand why there are so many semiautomatic gun restrictions. There are still people out there who think this is going to far. In California a gun restriction ban was vetoed because someone important in California thought this ban was going to far. In California a ban was passed to stop people from using lead bullets. The Second Amendment is one of the major topics between people who support gun control and people who do not support gun control. “A well regulated malitia… shall not be infringed.” This verse in the Constitution is very controversial because without the people being able to own guns how can a state form a malitia? The President is in my opinion against the Second Amendment in general because he has tried so hard to ban and regulate guns. Since the President has done these things a state would have trouble getting a malitia together. In NC this would not be a problem but in other states where rules are more strict it would be virtually impossible to create a malitia during a time of attack. “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This verse in the Second Amendment has also raised a lot of controversy between people who do and do not support gun control. Both sides of this issue disagree on what the Founding Fathers meant when they talked about arms. Some people that agree with gun control...

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