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Living in a country that is known to be “Land of the free…” is not exactly what most people dream of. The United States may be known for its freedom and power, but most people are unaware of the covertness behind the government. And by now, almost every American citizen knows that privacy no longer exists. In this century and country, it really does not.
In the United States, most people look toward the government as salvation, protection, and reliance. Unfortunately, not everything is as good as it seems. Imagine your personal information, your daily conversations, and your daily actions being viewed and judged by the government. This is exactly what the government does. Sometimes the ...view middle of the document...

Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security decided to expand the program. They wanted two-hundred participants and an estimated amount of 8,000 firms could potentially participate.
The main purpose for the surveillance program is to search for terrorist. That is exactly what is being conducted every second. The Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) currently holds the Terrorist Watch List. It was administered by the FBI. Only they have the power to reveal if a certain person is on the list and whether or not that individual should be removed from it. According to an ACLU estimate, the Terrorist Watch List consists of one million names and counting.
The New America researchers found that only 14 terrorist cases out of 225 were launched. That is under 6.5 percent. Therefore, the National Security Agency rarely finds terrorists on their own. Because of this, some people believe that this agency can be a waste of money and time for both the government and American citizens. A majority, 57 percent, said that the leaks about the surveillance would not affect the ability of the United States to prevent future terrorist attacks. With this information, some people also believe that the invasion of their privacy is not worth the 6.5%.
Personal information is gathered from a host of both public and private sources. One source is public records. Public records include birth, marriage, death records, court filings, tax records, arrest records, etc. The second source is private records that include credit reporting agencies and etc. These two types of information gathering are very important. The National Security Agency and the government monitor both sources very vigilantly.
Every single day the National Security Agency (NSA) monitors 315 million Americans for just 6.5 cents an hour. They have a target list of a total of 500,000 to a million people. They collect 200 million texts messages daily. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) maintains the Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) that has the fingerprints, photographs and biographical information on 62 million people. This information is available to 43 states and five other federal agencies. About 30% of all Americans’ call records are collected. According to the Washington Post, NSA also receives 1.7 billion emails a day. In total, the National Security Agency gathers 2.1 million gigabytes of date every single hour of every single day.
The National Security Agency has many slick methods of retrieving people’s personal information. From ease-dropping in phone calls to tracking credit cards, they have done it all. Just imagine the government watching your every movement even when you least expected it. In previous studies, it has been proven that massive amounts of...

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