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The National Security Agency, NSA, is responsible for the protection and management of information being passed to the United States government. Today the information is not just between nation to nation, it involves the passing of American citizen's private information. The NSA has been identified as recording phone calls and copying emails of varies American citizens. The National Security Agency was developed to protect the government and the people they support, but it is hard to trust the NSA when news stations report that the NSA is spying on its' own people's private lives.
The National Security Agency/Central Security Service main purpose is to protect the U.S. and gather foreign information. The Central Security Service, CSS, official established a partnership with the NSA in 1972. For more then half a century, the code breakers and code hackers of the NSA have been providing information to war leaders and high ranked decision makers (“About NSA” 1). The Network World refers to this as the “NSA's weird alphabet soup code names of secret spy programs” (Messmer 1). These two agencies do not only help the government officials they also give information to the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, industry partners, and other allies. To give the war generals a head start in battle, the NSA and CSS convey strategic and tactical instruction to war planners and soldiers (“About NSA” 1). Certainly, their good deeds do not stop there.
The NSA requires a substantial amount of confidentiality. That is when every organization of the NSA/CSS helps in a special way. The NSA's Information Assurance's duty is to prevent any foreign spies from gaining data to the United States' secret files. The Signals Intelligence job is to collect and process information from other countries and support military missions (“About NSA”1). Lastly the National Security Agency allows the Network Warfare to defeat terrorists in their homeland and other locations where they can be found. The NSA has many people counting on them, and the NSA believes that their customers can rely on their services anytime and anywhere.
Working for the NSA involves many different career fields. Some of the most important fields include the following: Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Foreign Language (“Career Fields” 1). The NSA's systems environment is filled with Computer Scientist who can solve problems at intense speeds. In Computer Science, the scientist spend their time researching solutions and testing different methods. In the NSA, their computer scientist work in two categories: development and support (“Career Fields” 2). Within those two categories, the jobs available are endless. For example, within the NSA the workers could pick Computer Network Operations, Database Management, or Information System Security.
The next field includes Computer/Electrical Engineering. The NSA offers some of the most demanding...

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