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Ntc/406 Cross Layer Or Hybrid Analysis And Recommendations

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Cross-Layer or Hybrid Analysis and RecommendationsLearning Team B(Joshua Ateefa, Jesse Cunningham, Joshua Healy, Steven Kirkham, Darryn Murphy)NTC/406July 14, 2014Dr. Antonio TovarCross-Layer or Hybrid Analysis and RecommendationsThis paper is intended to summarize, and give an overall assessment of a network over electrical power lines. It will also delve into the possible use of a combined Ethernet based wireless and wired network to develop a hybrid network. The paper will begin with an assessment of broadband over high-powered electrical cables, and end with the implications of using a hybrid network.Broadband Over High-Powered Electrical CablesThis section is intended to contrast the advantages and disadvantages of using high-powered cables to transmit data versus other cables such as CAT 5 or fiber optic cables. Arguments may be made on behalf of both sides as to which is cheaper or more efficient. Obviously power lines are the more prevalent medium of transmissions across the United States, as well as worldwide, unless you happen to live in an extremely remote region. However, other types of cabling are also now in place from coast to coast. Is one more dedicated than the other when it comes to data transmission? Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) may be carried together as they travel at different frequencies ("Broadband over Power Lines", 2013). On the other hand CAT 5 or fiber optic cables are a more dedicated means by which to transport data. Both mediums operate on the first layer of the OSI model. The following sections will discuss both mediums of transport.BPL TechnologyBPL, what this means essentially is being able to have the Internet through your regular power outlet at your home. Why would you use this though? What is the reasoning behind pushing this internet service across the globe? The answer is exactly that actually.While many metropolitan areas are fond of having high speed networks using fiber optics for example, a lot of the world does not have internet access. So, instead of laying more lines for network access to homes and businesses, power lines are plentiful globally making them a great way to be used for internet access as well.While the pros of this service would be internet access globally, there are still many cons that come along with this still improving technology. The electricity of a power line can cause interruptions on BPL, or flat out make it so the network won't work at all. The medium is connected in specific ways to the power lines from the provider to ensure though that the network is not interrupted at all. In theory this could work, but in all reality power lines have a lot of power and still cause severe network problems. Another issue as well though for BPL is more interference from more frequencies coming from radios and TV broadcasts.Advantages and Disadvantages of...

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