Nthony Stark Vs. Bruce Wayne Essay

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Everyone has a favorite superhero, it might be a hero who hides himself behind a mask and no one can see who he really is, or a hero in iron suit who saves the world from weapons that he created. Ironman and Batman have some similarities, both of them fight the villains to protect their people and their cities. They both don’t have superpowers and they use technologies and weapons to build their suits. Ironman and Batman also have many differences between them, Ironman is a hero while Batman is consider a dark hero since everyone in Gotham City was afraid of Batman.
First and foremost, similarity is that both characters came from well situated families that made billions in profits and their families were killed when they were young. Anthony Stark, mostly known as ironman, was born to Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Stark owners of the prominent US firm, Stark Industries. At age 19, Stark graduated with two master’s degree in electrical engineering. Tony worked for his father but he showed more interest in living a reckless lifestyle than using his engineering skills. When he turned 21, his parents were killed in a car accident and that’s how he inherited Stark Enterprises, which made him a billionaire. Bruce Wayne, known as Batman, has a similar story line. Thomas and Martha Wayne were his parents and they tried to make Bruce life a perfect one. Martha and Thomas were rich and well respected people. One night everything has changed, Martha and Thomas were murder in an alley, little Bruce saw everything. He swore to avenge them. Batman got all of him money from his parents after they passed away. BOth of those character lose their parents when they are young and they both got a lot of money inherited from them.
Major difference between Batman and Ironman is that Iron Man exposes himself to the world and Batman hides himself behind a mask. Iron Man is open about who he is and everyone knows that Iron Man is Anthony Stark. Throughout the Iron Man...

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