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Nuclear Bombs And The Progression Of Them

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Over the last decade there has been a traumatic increase in terrorism. As the amount of terrorist threats and attacks increase, so does the creation of new weapons. Nations are competing with each other to create more destructive weapons. These weapons of mass destruction are essential to modern way of life because they provide protection against terrorist nations, and security to the countries in turmoil.When the atomic bomb was created, people had no idea about it and its capabilities. As more information came out about what the bomb could do, people began to start living in real fear. The power of it, a creation by man that could destroy the world, was terrifying. People began to see that they were under the control of people they did not, or should not, trust. Society began to envision these nuclear weapons in the context of our world and our lives. These weapons raised the questions that no one had dare ever ask before, and had given them answers that they were afraid to hear. People started to think about their place in the universe and what it all meant.After a nuclear bomb is dropped and hits its target, not only the immediate effect of the mushroom cloud and the complete incineration of the terrain for miles occurs; but also radioactive particles are scattered into the clouds, which then is transported across the world. This is very dangerous to the genetic make-up of humans, the atmosphere, and plant life. People exposed to great amounts of radiation usually die younger, or instantaneously as a result of this invisible killer. Large amounts of radiation can also cause sterility, organ problems, cancer, tumors, ulcers, and many horrid diseases to those who are exposed. The atmosphere is greatly affected, it becomes charged with radioactive particles. This affects everything that lives on the ground. The ecosystem is also greatly affected. Plant life instantly withers and dies when exposed to radioactivity. When plants are unable to sustain life and don't grow back, the animals that depend on them for a food source are also unable to sustain a life and they slowly die of starvation. This affects the whole food chain for the factor of dependance. The most...

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