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Introduction As time passes, humanity is increasingly being asked how to continously produce enough energy to supply our demands. Many of todays resources that are used, are non-renewable, and cause polution. Many resources such as fossil fuels are continously running out. Therefore, one of the questions that have arose fairly recently due to more sophisticated technology, is: Should nuclear power be developed as a solution to Australia?s future energy needs? Several arguments suggest the positives and the negatives for such a question: Positive: Fossil fuels are rapidly diminishing.Health risks are fairly low compared to coal.Nuclear is cheaper.Negative: Nuclear has environmental risks.Nuclear weapons can be developed.Present sources of energy can be improved instead.Positive: Fossil fuels are rapidly diminishing Most energy consumed in the world comes from fossil fuels. Although this type of fuel is seen by some people to be renewable, it unfortunately takes millions of years to regenerate. Therefore it is more practicle to say that fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, and that they are continously depleting. There is much unsurity about when our fossil fuels will become completely exauhsted if we keep using them.Some say it will happen in the year 2040, others say in a century or two. Nevertheless, we do know that we are using them up, without sufficient time for it to re-generate.Nuclear energy can be a saviour when this occurs, and can even prevent it from ever happening. Nuclear energy is a renewable source and can be a very good suppliment to our diminishing fossil fuels.Health risks are fairly low compared to coal At the moment, coal proves to be a very fatal substance. Many many deaths have occured because of coal, both to workers, and the general public. Nuclear is much more safer Nuclear fuels are far less risky concerning halth than that of coal. Coal creates pollution in the form of CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. It even creates a much worse bi-product which is CO - Carbon Monoxide. These are two of the leading poisons which are blamed to cause terrible living conditions.Nuclear energy on the other hand, is much more controlled. Every 18 months to 2 years, the fuel rods in the reactor are taken out and replaced by new ones. This is done in a month. The old rods, whilst still creating energy, are kept in a pool of water. After about five years or more, the rods are taken out, and placed in acids so it can be dissolved. Some of the elements can even be recycled such plutonium. Plutonium fissions or reacts spontaneously.The table below proves how much safer nuclear is, concerning human deaths.Comparison of accident statistics in primary energy production.Fuel Immediate fatalities 1970-92 Who? Coal 6400 workers Natural gas 1200 workers & public Hydro 4000 public Nuclear 31 workers Nuclear fuel is cheaper Nuclear fuel has proven to be much less cheaper than coal.?Total nuclear fuel costs are about one-third of coal-fired plant...

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Nuclear Energy Essay

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