Nuclear Energy Is Safe And Clean

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Nuclear energy is a promising source of electricity for the future. Although there are many people against it, it is only because many do not know of the progresses nuclear energy has made since it was started. Nuclear energy has become one of the cleanest sources of energy with minimum radiation. These are such small quantities that we receive only about .5 millirems of it yearly while nature sums it up to 360 millirems for the average person. Many of us shy away from nuclear energy due to fear caused by ignorance but with some patience and research one can realize the potential that nuclear power has and how it can shape a new era in the future. It is an energy source with massive amounts of energy as a byproduct of its fission and over the years we have acquired the technology not only to harness it but to make it a renewable resource as well to fast breeders. Nuclear power may seem like a heavy investment but it is a change much needed for the growing economy and dependence on electricity.

Nuclear energy has proven itself to be a clean source of energy; yet, fear of radiation has kept its use from becoming more expansive. Nuclear energy is one of the newer types of energy sources used yet ignorance over the true dangers of nuclear energy causes the public to push away a potential energy source. Fear of radiation is illogical because everyone is exposed to background radiation every day. We receive radiation from cosmic rays, outer space, radon gas, and from naturally radioactive elements in the earth. Each year in the United States, the average dose to people from natural and man-made radiation sources is about 360 millirem.(mrem)(Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management) Millirems are units of absorbed radiation doses. As an example to how much radiation one encounters daily one even gets radiation from watching their television for too long but radiation is dangerous only when it gets into the rem range. To put in perspective how radioactive nuclear energy is after it has been used in a nuclear power plant, when one gets a full set of dental x-rays that is already 10-40 millirems per set of x-rays of radioactivity that one receives. Until one reaches to about 25 rems there is no observable difference in people. We are surrounded by radiation every day and nuclear energy poses less of a threat than natural radiation if precautions are taken. Even the food we eat is radioactive because most of our foods contain carbon-14, a radioactive isotope of carbon, and we shouldn’t live in fear because we live in a radioactive world. In fact, we as well as everyone else around us are radioactive so we even receive radiation form those around us.
Although the public has always seen nuclear energy as dangerous it began as an idea in 1905 by Einstein with the theory of relativity in which he introduced the idea that mass can be converted into energy. It took almost thirty years for the idea to begin to turn into a reality...

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