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Nuclear Power Position Essay

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Nuclear power can be a benefit to the world because it emits low carbon dioxide which helps us with global warming but it’s also harmful to the environment. Using nuclear power as our energy source could be our solution to lowering global warming. The nuclear waste could seep through the ground and contaminate our water which causes our marine animals to be contaminated. Not only do we currently use nuclear power to produce energy, we also use it as a weapon. Nuclear power uses uranium to power the plant because the heat to create the steam happens during fission. The uranium used to power the plant is also dangerous. My opinion on nuclear power is that using nuclear power is a dangerous idea.
There are many ways that nuclear power helps our environment. It produces energy that emits low carbon dioxide. “Canada’s existing nuclear plants avoid the emission of about 90 million tons of CO2 each year that would result if their electricity were produced by coal fire plants…” (cna, 2013). A huge problem that we are currently having is global warming. Global warming is melting the polar ice caps and it’s increasing the temperature of the weather. An article from baltimoresun states that, “France has the world's most sophisticated energy policy, producing 75 percent of their power with nuclear plants.” (Woodstock, 2013). France produces a lot of its energy using nuclear power and France is Europe’s lowest producer of carbon dioxide. Nuclear power also requires less land than solar and wind energy. It produces more electricity below the cost of wind, solar, and coal energy combined. It’s also better because if we create dams, we will be destroying the animals’ habitat. We have brought an end to the migratory fish in Britain because we created dams that blocked the rivers and we destroyed their habitat. Getting products from the land causes more damage because we will waste the scarce sources. Using coal as energy also harms the environment. Another reason why nuclear power is good is it produces more energy with less waste. There are also some risks when you use nuclear power.
Good things come with bad things. Using nuclear power as our energy source could also be a bad thing because it emits dangerous radiation. The radiation could make you sick and it can also cause cancer. “There are growing concerns that living near nuclear plants increases the risk for childhood leukemia and other forms of cancer – even when a plant has an accident-free track record.” (Green America, 2012). Furthermore radiation could spread to other places. You need uranium to power the plant and people could damage their health by mining uranium. It can also endanger people’s health if you live near a uranium mine. “Uranium mining can also endanger the health of miners and people living near mines, as well as the environment, as radioactive ore waste has been shown to contaminate surface and groundwater” (Schlesinger, 2009). Radiation emitted from the plant and the waste...

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