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Nuclear Energy : Pro Cons. Essay

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Due to the economical and environmental cost of fossil fuels, as well as to the fuels limited supply, people are striving for renewable energy resources, the most promising alternate source of energy is the use of nuclear fusion on the power plants. Nuclear technology is not a newly discovered invention, in fact, it was found by Albert Einstein in 1941. Now, the use of nuclear as a power source have been utilized as keen as possible, In the United States, nuclear power supplies about 15 percent of the electricity overall. And there are more than 400 nuclear power plants around the world, with more than 100 in the United States.Energy crisis is the today's hottest issue, since the new era of expensive energy could be very difficult for everyone but it will be even more difficult if it is not anticipated. According to an expert, T. E. Bearden, "the energy crisis is the major world's problem, it is now driving the economies of the world nations" [, 2/06/05]. Presently there is an escalating worldwide demand for electrical power and transportation, much of which depends on fossil fuels and particularly oil or oil products. The resulting demand for oil is expected to increase year by year. Based on the year 12 Heinemann physics book the daily power usage in Victoria, one of the state of Australia is 250000 giga joules. And if we assume 1 tonne of coal can produce 8.76 giga joule of energy, we must provide 115000 tonnes of coal daily. In this rate, how is it possible to provide the coal needed?Energy productionEnergy is produced by the multiple series of reaction, called chain reaction. The main material required to start a reaction is uranium, or also called fuel rods. Why must uranium? Because uranium is a fissile element that's very rare, means that the element can undergo series of breaking and forming bonds. When an atom breaks its bond, it will release energy, this is what we called nuclear energy. The enormous quantity of energy is because each atoms of uranium will break into many smaller atoms, each of these atoms will then react separately with another atom, and this reaction will repeat naturally from the beginning. Maybe the energy produced is relatively small, but remember, 238 grams of uranium is containing 6.02 x 10^23 atoms, and in nuclear power plant, they use tonnes of uranium. Fuel rod that have been undergo the chain reaction will eventually depleted, this means that, over time, the concentration of uranium falls to a level where it is not able to sustain the fission chain reaction. Each fuel rod needs to be replaced every 4 years or so, and a typical 1000 Mega Watt reactor produces around 30 tonnes of spent uranium each yearDangers of nuclear power plantHealth risk is the major problem when we speak about nuclear. Although nuclear energy has accounted for 90% of all carbon emission reductions achieved by the electric utility industry.Radiation is something that we can't escape from. Do you think you...

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