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Nuclear Energy: Substitution For Oil Or A Possible Source Of Mass Destruction

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Today the issues related to the lack of oil and natural gas in the world have become very significant topics. The level of civilization that rose up very rapidly in past ten to twenty years, and was marked by new technologies, and a greater need of energy made the clear point that the problem of power supply became huge. It may seem that the natural sources that lay deep under the ground will supply the world with needed resources for many years. However, the Earth is not as big as some people predict. The oil and gas stored for thousands of years is disappearing very quickly. The facts show that today the daily need for oil in the world is 83.6 million barrels. This number sounds even more terrifying if considered that one barrel contains 42 gallons (Blomberg). The New England Governor's Council points out the deficit of natural gas as well. The members predict that in six or seven years the world will not be able to use current resources. A head of Analysis Group in Boston, Paul J. Hibba and a staff that works on problems related to this issue says that the usage rates may cause the crisis to come even next year (Blomberg D1). This emphasis shows that some kind of solution will have to be found quickly. The problems caused by a lack of energy supplies have become especial obvious today. The variations in gas prices, rises in heating costs, transportation charges, and many other factors influence the population on a daily basis. Most of the people are not happy with those changes. They try to find new ways to improve the situation. None of them, individually, can propose a specific way that will work out the best and will satisfy the world's needs in the energy deficiency. However, such options as sun and wind power, atomic energy and biofuels seem to standout from all propositions and to grab an attention. The expanding of the nuclear industry seems to be the most offered. This type of energy is considered very efficient, productive, and much cheaper than other types. However, the possibility of nuclear energy becoming the source of mass destruction instead of a substitution for oil should make the world look at the problem much closer and to think twice.Nuclear radiation was discovered more than hundred years ago by Antoine Henri Becquerel and Marie and Pierre Curie. Later, the unit of measurement of the radioactivity got its name from the last name of founders - curie. At that time, because of the lack of special technologies and theories, scientists could find out just basic characteristics and functions of atoms. As new ways of studying and research developed, people got the opportunity to "operate" the atoms in the way they wanted. The ability of uranium (U-235) to break down with excessive release of energy, for example, gave the opportunity to get useful power by combining U-235 with other particles such as carbon 14 (C-14). Those combinations made the process faster and stronger. Scientists called that power radioactivity, which is an...

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