Nuclear Engery And Its Effect On The Environment

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Nuclear Energy
Nuclear energy is energy that is released by reactions within the atomic nuclei, through nuclear fission or fusion. Nuclear energy is also called atomic energy (, 2013). Nuclear energy is produced in nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants create electricity by heating water to create steam. The steam runs a generator that creates the electricity. Many types of fuels can be used to create heat and generate steam. Nuclear power plants create the heat by splitting atoms. Nuclear power plants use a radioactive element found in rocks called enriched uranium. Enriched uranium is used because when it breaks down in nature it heats Earth’s crust. In nuclear power plants enriched uranium heats water to create steam. Power plants create energy by splitting the nuclei inside each granule of uranium. This process is called nuclear fission (How does energy work, 2013).
Nuclear energy is sometimes considered a renewable energy source. Enriched uranium is a very abundant resource. It is found in most rocks. Despite its abundance there is a finite supply of uranium. However with developing technology making nuclear energy more efficient it is believed that the supply of uranium would be available for the projected life of the sun. Based on this information nuclear energy is a renewable energy source.
In the 1930’s nuclear physicist discovered the radioactive elements could create energy. In 1932 James Chadwick Discovered a neutron which is a tool for nuclear experimentation because it has little to no electric charge. Scientist worked to move nuclear fission from the lab to a real world source of energy. On June 27th 1957 the world’s first power plant was built in USSR.
Radiation was discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen in 1895 by passing electric currents through a glass tube by doing this he also produced X-Rays. In 1896 Henri Becquerel Found out an ore containing radium and uranium causes a photographic plate to darken.
Nuclear energy is recovered by applying the process of fission to uranium. This process is not simple. Uranium is very widely found around the...

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