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Nuclear Families Provide The Optimal Socialization For Child Development

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“Nothing in the world could make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of strong families” writes David R. Mace, a seminal advocate of marriage enrichment. Is this statement an idealistic exaggeration, a poetic ideal, or is it an accurate observation of the profound impact of the nuclear family on the functioning of society. A review of the literature bears witness to the accuracy of Mace’s quote. Through the long history of human civilization and across every culture, the family is the foundational structure of society and strengthening the family will strengthen the society. The family unit provides the initial and most influence in the vital process of socialization. Given the documented importance of the nuclear family in the socialization of children, it is imperative to understand, support and strengthen the optimal socialization for child development. Healthy nuclear families are inherently the most efficacious structure to provide the optimal foundation for a child’s socialization and development. The family provides children a safe haven where they may be nurtured physically, emotionally, and socially to mature into fully functioning members of society. Nuclear families have distinct advantages over non-traditional arrangements. Increased stability both financially and emotionally, as well as consistency and relationships are attributes of the nuclear family. Many studies have researched and produced evidence in support of the traditional family and effects of the family structure on children. However, along with the positive characteristic of the traditional family, statistics have also shown some negative effects of non-traditional family entity. Though there are some disadvantages, it does not discount the many advantages and overall, the child is best served in a nuclear family structure. The target audience is college students who are discerning their future family and relationships.
Family should be the focus of any society but is often largely overlooked. Family provides the groundwork for every civilization. Marriage and the nuclear family structure are highly valuable for nurturing the child as well as society. However, the institution of marriage is failing with over half of marriages ending in divorce ("America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2013"). Marriage is now being regarded as something that has less meaning, optional, and has various definitions. However, the nuclear family still remains the best foundation for child socialization. The nuclear family is based off the commitment of two married individuals to raise and develop emotionally and physically healthy children and provide the building blocks for society (Hewlett and West 26-5). The benefits to the child are researched and documented. These results show the indisputable facts that children are statistically better off with the nuclear family.
Socialization is the process when individuals become functioning members of society and undertake...

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