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Nuclear, with in itself it spells clear. It is common knowledge that clear is good, in many minds it means clean as well. People want clean water, clean air, clean windows . In turns out it's perfect how nuclear is spelled because it is one of the most clean energy forms. All though an even more clean way of nuclear energy is Fusion. Nuclear Fusion has many elements to make it one of the best energy forms in the world. There is so much fuel for this type of energy, no worry of meltdowns, and definitely has some positive effects on the economy. There are so many options on what can be done with fusion.
With fusion the worry of finding a new source of energy does not ever need to come to mind again. The fuel of this the world has an abundance of. It is an Isotope of a hydrogen atom known as Tritium. Tritium does give of some radioactive waves, what counts though it the half life. The half life of this isotope is 12 years (Richard Hull). That is by far much better than uranium half life, which is 4.45 billion years. Plus uranium is no where near as abundant. As seen WikiAnswers “According to some figures, the consensus is that 70.8% of the Earth's surface is covered by water...Other figures suggest the percentage of Earth's surface covered by water is 71.11%... Only 3% of that water is freshwater, the rest is saltwater.(Percentage)” As shown by these statistics hydrogen is not a problem to find at all. Uranium is harder to find cause you can only get it out of the land, we don't have land to spare.This would only make it even more ideal to make the move over to fusion power.
To add when in making Fusion power the process that the hydrogen atom goes thru is the same as what is occurring inside of the sun. That is why many call it “Star in a Jar”, for many scientist using the term it is very uncertain to find who coined the term. With that some things do tend to worry people, and others freak out. Think if one was to be made how would it be controlled. With all respects the possibility of that is next to zero.These types of reactors are consciously shooting in more atoms. They just need to cut of the supply of the hydrogen atoms and the plant would shut down.(ORNL) That would be like snuffing a candle. Then people argue that it is a chain reaction and it will continue to grow. The workers and scientist would not let it get past a certain size. So as seen these fears are yes logical ,but they have already been accounted for.
There is one real small problem when it comes to fusion. Fusion cost an arm and a leg, almost no investors are willing to invest the amount of money needed to start one. “At $17...

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