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Many people on Earth are using electricity right now. Almost everything in this world needs electricity, such as computers, phones, lights, and factories. Electricity didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it has to come from somewhere. There are many ways to produce electricity, some of them are nuclear, coal, wind, solar, and water energy. Nuclear energy produce electricity through the splitting of uranium atom. Electricity can also be produced through the burning of coal. Wind produce electricity when wind makes the windmills spin. Water produce electricity through the spinning of the turbine in a water dam. Solar energy comes from sunlight, solar panels can turn sunlight into electricity. Out of these five energy sources, nuclear energy would be the most efficient source for producing electricity.

First of all, nuclear energy would not emit dangerous gasses into the atmosphere when it produces electricity. Through the burning of coal, electricity is produced, but carbon dioxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas, is also produced. Unlike coal, nuclear energy would not produce carbon dioxide, it only produce water vapor. In the United States, 2012, nuclear energy prevented 570 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. With nuclear power plants, our environment will get less harms from carbon dioxide. The pollution from the burning of coal causes acid rain, lung cancer, asthma, and etc. If we stop using coal and start to use more nuclear power plants, then not many people will get lung cancer or asthma. As you can see, when nuclear energy produce electricity, it will not produce dangerous gasses that harms the environment.

Moreover, when produce a certain amount of electricity, nuclear energy takes up less space than wind, solar, and water energy. Wind energy produce electricity through wind mills and wind mills will takes up a major amount of space. While nuclear energy can produce electricity through a nuclear power plant and takes up less space. According to a graph from J. M. Kohonen's website, when the wind and nuclear energy both produce 27 TWh per year, the wind energy need 202 km square of land, while the nuclear energy only need 13.3 km square of land. The other two energy sources also need more lands than the nuclear power. Solar energy need an enormous amount of land for solar panels and water energy need a large amount of flowing water. As a result of large amount of land taken up by building solar panels, water dam, or wind mills, there might not be enough land for other buildings. If we only use nuclear energy, a large amount of land would be available to people. Since the population is so high right now, people really need more...

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