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Nuclear Power: A Danger To Our Environment And Health

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People have used nuclear power as their energy sources. Some people like using nuclear power because it produces more electricity while releasing less carbon dioxide. Others, despise using nuclear power since it’s perilous. Nuclear power could be our solution to lowering global warming and saving the polar caps, however good things comes with bad things. The waste could seep through the grounds, contaminating our water. Not to mention, the marine animals and plants will become contaminated as well. Therefore, nuclear power should not be used.
A primary reason nuclear power is bad is it emits radiation. The radiation can make people become very sick and damage their health. “There are ...view middle of the document...

The World Nuclear Association specified that emissions of natural gas are fifteen times greater than nuclear and emissions of coal generation are thirty times greater. Nuclear power could be our solution to global warming. An article from Baltimoresun states that “France has the world's most sophisticated energy policy, producing 75 percent of their power with nuclear plants” (Woodstock, 2013). France produces a lot of its energy using nuclear power and France is Europe’s lowest producer of carbon dioxide. We could generate a lot of electricity from using nuclear power than other energy sources. Also, using nuclear power could prevent us from building dams and destroying animal’s habitats. People have brought an end to migratory fish in Britain because they created dams that blocked the river. Furthermore, the power plants are circumscribed in thick concrete to keep radiation in and it’s used to protect the plant from natural disasters. An article from World Nuclear Association states that "In over 14,500 cumulative reactor-years of commercial operation in 32 countries, there have been only three major accidents to nuclear power plants - Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima..." (World Nuclear Association, 2013). There have been many disaster from nuclear plants, but only three were major disasters.
Most importantly, no one knows when a nuclear disaster will happen. You have to be careful with a nuclear power plant because a catastrophe could happen at any moment. If a nuclear power plant has a meltdown, it could kill and injure many people. Moreover, the meltdown could also affect other countries. The Fukushima incident on 2011 scared many people. Everyone became affected to it because the water was contaminated and the fish that we ate could have been contaminated too. The Chernobyl disaster was another a horrible event. “The full toll from this disaster is still being tallied, but experts believe that thousands of people...

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