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Nuclear Power Effects Essay

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Nuclear Power Effects
Nuclear power is a source of generating electricity. Energy makes thing work and most of the energy we use is made of burning fossils fuels, such coal, oil and gas. Nuclear energy is a renewable energy, which means that it will not run out. Nuclear energy is stored inside atoms and then the atoms will split apart that will result into radiation. Nuclear energy can be used to make electricity, which happens in nuclear power stations. Uranium is a source an element that is used to make nuclear fuel power. Nuclear power stations spilt the element uranium's atom which then will give a result of energy and it can then be used for electricity. Nuclear power stations can make huge amount of energy that can be turned into electricity and usually this process happens very quickly and use little use of fossil fuels. Nuclear energy has several usages. It can be used to sterilize ...view middle of the document...

The use of nuclear energy allows these types of vehicles to run for a longer amount of time than usual. There are many usages on earth that rely on the use of nuclear power.
The first commercial nuclear power stations didn’t start operating until the 1950s. There are roughly 430 commercial nuclear power reactors that operate in about 31 countries around the world. These nuclear power plants provide about 11 percent of the world’s electricity, which in fact doesn’t contain any carbon dioxide emissions. Nuclear technology uses the energy released by splitting the atoms of certain elements. “It was developed first in the 1940s and during the World War ll, it had focused on producing bombs by splitting the atoms of particular isotopes of either the elements known as uranium and plutonium”.(1) By the 1950s, nuclear power had turned into the purpose of power generating. “Today, the world produces as much electricity from nuclear energy as it did from all sources combined in the 1960” (1). “Nuclear power can boast over 15,000 reactors of experience and supplies almost 11.5% of global electricity needs in 31 countries” (1). Although the world relies heavily on nuclear energy in so many ways, nuclear energy is harmful and there is several reason it is urgent to discard it from our world.
Nuclear power stations are dangerous. Nuclear energy can be very dangerous. Radiation can make people very sick and can harm the environment. There have been several incidents that have happened so far that have harmed the environment and harming people as well. Nuclear Power Stations are prohibitively dangerous. In 1986, radiation leaked from Chernobyl power station in Ukraine, the former Soviet Union, after an explosion. Many people got radiation poisoning became very sick and many died because of the result of the leakage." A recent book, Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment , concludes that based on records now available, some 985,000 people died between 1986 and 2004, mainly of cancer, as the results of the Chernobyl accident that happened" (McCluskey). Just seen the mass

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