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Nuclear Versus Extended Families: Which One Is Healthier For Omanis?

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Nuclear vs. Extended Families in OmanNuclear versus Extended Families: Which One is Healthier for Omanis?Asmaa al- SuleimaniDr. Mounir Ben ZidAdvanced Writing, ENGL3119May 16th, 2013AbstractAs family is the greatest social institution, the issue of family types is a significant social topic to explore. No Omani studies have been done to tackle this social issue even though it is an important social aspect of that represents the Omani culture. To this effect, this paper discusses the condition of the extended and nuclear families In Oman. It aims to find out which family system is healthier for the Omani society and why it is healthier. For this purpose, I have conducted a questionnaire that was answered by Omani males and females from different ages. The findings revealed that the nuclear system is more dominating in a percentage of 90%. However, over half of the respondents admitted that the extended system is healthier for Omanis. Therefore, the study recommends that Omanis strengthen their relations with relatives in a time most of them are separated in nuclear families. In addition, if not preferring to live with the extended family, I recommend that Omanis should live in separate homes in a neighborhood to keep the social connection. I also suggest conducting other researches about the relation between family systems and other social issues.IntroductionMarriage is the greatest social connection in communities which is usually followed by starting a family. There were times in the past when people were proud and happy of having many children around them and sharing a house with other family members as well. However, this picture of large families has changed; now parents tend to live separately for the sake of privacy. The nuclear family consists of (mother, father, and their children) and the extended family (grandmother/grandfather, aunt/uncle, cousins). In my case, although I belong to a large family that consists of 15 siblings, 57 grandchildren and hundreds of relatives; my home includes a nuclear family. Nowadays, parents have to consider many reasons in choosing whether to live within an extended family or a nuclear one and which one is better for them.Most Western scholars and sociologists claim that families with few members are the ideal ones. In fact, the "downsized" families are growing and being dominant in the Western world. However, the situation in Oman differs and one can see the two varieties of families and can't even decide which one is more spreading. In fact, most researches and studies focused on the Western Society and few have been made on the Arab world and Oman in Particular. Therefore, there is a need for studying this social matter in relation to the Omani society.Many social studies investigated the issue of nuclear versus extended family. In the article, "Pros and Cons of the Nuclear Family," Michelle Blessing stated that 70 percent of children live within a nuclear family unit, according to 2010 U.S. Census...

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