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Nuclear Waste Essay

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Essay on nuclear waste, it's problems, and possible solutions good, should be updatedNuclear WasteNuclear waste is one of the most pressing and provocativeenvironmental issues of our time. This radioactive waste, whichremains deadly for thousands of years, is incredibly difficult todeal with. Unfortunately, time is running short for a solution, asa growing number of reactors, (111 in the United States alone),radioactive remnants of Cold War weapons, and increasing medicaluses of radioactivity will soon create enough waste to exceed thecurrent holding capacity for radioactive materials.There are two types of nuclear waste. The first is low-levelradioactive waste, which contains small amounts of radioactivity.This sort of waste usually comes from medical facilities andpharmaceutical companies and includes clothing, test tubes, and allkinds of diagnostic waste. The other kind, which is of mostconcern, is high-level radioactive waste, which is created whenreactor fuel is mined and processed and when atoms are split inreactors. This 'hot' waste includes spent uranium fuel rods andthe liquid waste produced when those rods are dissolved in acid tomake plutonium for nuclear weapons.Disposing of low-level waste presents difficulties, but notinsurmountable ones. As of now, it is shipped to special disposalsites in the United States. Expectedly, the public is not pleasedto have any type of radioactive waste in their own backyards, eventhe relatively harmless low-level trash. The main obstacle indealing with this type is to educate the public, which tends toequate anything radioactive with that of the highly dangerous,nuclear fuel cycle variety. Without good information, the peoplewill always fear anything remotely connected with nuclear power andwill continue to incorrectly liken what goes on in an X-raylaboratory with what goes on in a plutonium bomb.Of far more concern is how to dispose of the high-levelradioactive waste. This problem has plagued scientists...

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