Nuclear Waste Termination Essay

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Nuclear Waste Termination


Nuclear waste has been a major issue in the past century. Over hundreds of thousands of people have died due to their exposure to these waste products. Treating this waste can be quite expensive, and sometimes companies will avoid the whole process which can affect thousands of people. This process can also lead to controversy between two separate countries. This situation was present in the Trafigura Scandal (2008), when Trafigura, a Norwegian company, dumped their wastes off the coast of Africa which hospitalized over 10,000 people. This is only one of
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This can be done by mixing Plutonium waste with "blast furnace slag" which will lock in the potent toxic into the glass itself, and thus reducing the volume of the toxic waste(by 91%)and turning it into an item of less harm.

This process, called vitrification, immobilizes the materials located inside the glass, and stabilizes the waste .This process shares the same idea as mixing the nuclear waste with concrete which can prevent the nuclear waste from affecting populaces. According to the University of Sheffield, the process of utilizing "blast furnace slag", a by-product of steel production, can reduce all ofUK's plutonium waste to fit perfectly into the Big Ben.

This process can be applied when there is an influx of radioactive waste, and it all needs to be treated exceedingly quickly. This process is quick, and is also cost efficient. This technology was applied when the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was present as a result of a major earthquake and tsunami. An operative waste removal was needed, and as fast as possible since more and more people were dying every second due to the exposure to the nuclear waste. The vitrification method was used and it aided the clean-up of Fukushima. As we don't predict natural disasters of the future, this is an application to fix certain incidents in a quick and clean fashion..

Vitrification can affect people in a negative aspect. The process of vitrification results in a molten form when it I shipped, thus reducing "shipping integrity, requiring an over-pack"

Also, this new development takes away the jobs of many workers.This is the main negation to the overall process but can easily be looked over because of the major benefits that this development brings to us.

As stated by Zhi Li and Tianshu Zhang, there are other advantages beside being cost effective .The number one advantage would probably be the fact that this process, unlike many other treatments, has the capability of processing many different types of waste instead

of being directed at one specific...

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