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Nuclear Weapons A Possible End To Civilization

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Nuclear weapon is a new kind of technology that gives us an unprecedented power over nature and humanity. The technological decisions regarding nuclear weapons will have a huge impact upon all nations around the world and even future generations. “Of all the unprecedented powers in our hands, none is potentially more destructive than nuclear weapons. For forty years we lived with the threat of a nuclear holocaust that could wipe out a large part of humanity and other forms of life” (Barbour, 200). This technology increases the power of one nation, or a small group of nations, over other nations and nature. Corruption, a shadow of power, lurks around the corner where power is present. With the advancement of nuclear weapons technology, the chances of a “master race” wanting to dominate the world is not far fetch. The possibility of a second Adolph Hitler is high, and this time the existence of humanity is at risk. We need to approach this area of technology with caution and with modesty because these devices have incredible destructive power. As the technology advances and the devices become more powerful, we need to become more careful to use them wisely or the extinction of the human race and other life forms are at stake.

A./ The Arms Race:

When we talk about nuclear weapons technology, we need to talk about the Arms Race since World War II in order to be able to understand how this technology begins. The Arms Race is a continuous race among many nations to make and improve weapons in a struggle to maintain and/or gain power. The United States and the Soviet Union are two key players in this race. These two major nuclear weapons nations see one another as a reason and a justification for spending an enormous amount of money and resources on military expenditures. Two of the key reasons for the race amongst these two nations might be the irreconcilable differences between democratic capitalism and communism, and the competition for raw materials in third world countries. The intention for the nuclear weapons for the NATO forces in Europe is to counteract against the Soviet’s forces. The Soviet Union has the lead in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). However, the United States counteract with the development and improvement in strategic weapons. Regional conflicts between neighboring nations become an incentive for research and development of nuclear weapons. Many nations develop nuclear weapons as a defense against neighboring weapon nations. The lobbying of military weapons has strongly promoted the funding of money and resources to develop new weapons systems. Another subtle factor of the Arms Race is the male dominance in the social and political scene. Male, whom often seek violence as a solution, is making most of the political, social, and military decisions. These are some of the reasons why the Arms Race started and continued.

What were the costs of the Arms Race? We can look at the cost of...

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