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Nuclear Weapons And Their Importance To Modern Defense

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Kim Jong-un, Ali Khameni, Vladimir Putin, These men are of different religions, different races, different nations, but they all share two key characteristics, they wield weapons capable of ungodly destruction, and they only understand force. Nuclear threats remain in the post-cold war world, and despite any moral quandary, the only action available to the United States is to maintain its nuclear arsenal and continue to rely on its policy of nuclear deterrence. Nuclear deterrence is the only way to protect America from foreign threat. North Korea, a crumbling nation kept in constant poverty and famine by the ineptness of its leadership, a nation that retains its status via constant threats of nuclear attack. Iran, a land of zealots governed by archaic and biased laws that perpetrated one of the most heinous acts of terrorism ever committed against the U.S. and has been an enemy of America ever since. The Russian Federation, an infant of a country plagued by economic turmoil and political instability since it’s birth after the fall of the Soviet Union, the original nuclear foe. These are nations for whom global annihilation requires the mere push of a button and because of this all of these nations present a threat to America and world peace. Nuclear deterrence has always presented the moral dilemma of threatening the murder of millions to protect billions, but it is worth it to protect world peace. And the guardianship of world peace is a responsibility peculiar to America and America cannot disregard this duty because it is the only nation capable of it, and peace requires strength. America must have the strength to meet these adversaries on equal terms, to do this nuclear weapons updated with innovative new technology are required. Nuclear deterrence has served America well in dealing with threats both old and new; thus nuclear deterrence, augmented with innovative new technology, is a shield that America cannot afford to stop carrying if it wants to continue to guarantee the safety of its citizens.
The face of warfare continues to change and with it comes the rise of many new threats that have access to weapons of mass destruction, a right previously reserved to world superpowers. Iran, Pakistan, India, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, these are a few of the nations that up until recent years were unable to develop nuclear weapons. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has made it’s status as a threat very clear as mentioned by pollard in his article, “it warned that "the moment of explosion is near" and said its army had been instructed to ready itself to attack the US using "smaller, lighter and diversified" nuclear weapons” (Pollard). Such a statement can only be described as an overt threat to American national security and can only be met with a retort threatening an equal if not greater retaliation strike should Korean leadership make such an attempt. Iran is another nation that has presented a threat to American foreign...

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