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Nuclear Weapons Uses And Problems Essay

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Nuclear weapons are an often misunderstood part of warfare in today’s society. They often bring thought of big mushroom clouds and complete destruction of massive amounts of territory which are all correct, but the major facet with nuclear weapons is the after effects. Granted that there are good uses for nuclear weapons that can truly save our planet, but the cruel after effects of using them in warfare are devastating to a point of no return. The impact of nuclear weapons though they have some good uses they have caused major problems in that they harm the environment, have major negative effect on humans, and are using up too much money out of the United States budget.
At one point in time nuclear weapons were looked at as the future of warfare with the top secret construction of them beginning in 1945. The Soviet Union first beginning testing in the open air with no idea what they were doing to their environment as well as their population. Years later the impacts of this testing became evident with entire ecosystems dying along children being born with deformities and birth defects. This all was seemingly happening around the radius of the area that had been exposed to nuclear testing. At the notice of this research began to discover that the amounts of radiation that are released and how they are connected to all these effects nuclear testing (“Cancer in people”, 2011).
This research was really the turning point in realizing how much damage is caused by nuclear weapons. The effects of radiation on people was studied heavily and it revealed that exposure to radiation from an area could never be completely reversed (Jha , 2006). They began to discover how far a blast radius covers along with the effects of the radiation (Cochran & Norris, 2013). Birth defects were a major issue that led to deformities in children from the exposure of the parents. Recently, cancer has been connected to radiation and nuclear testing along with the mining of the mineral uranium which is the main ingredient required in making anything nuclear (“Cancer in people”, 2011). This mineral in itself is very unstable along with the other minerals in nuclear bombs which make it very dangerous to deal with in the first place (Pincus, 2013).
Even though they began to discover the effects on humans the environment was taking the most devastating blow. The radiation that consumes an area contaminates every part of the ecosystem from the animals to the plants and water (Jha , 2006). Radiation has been a leading contributor to global warming with the chemicals it leaves in the air (“Cancer in people”, 2011). The radiation contamination in the water kills massive amounts of marine animals and bacteria making certain bodies of water completely dead with no living organisms (Jha , 2006). This makes the water nearly toxic for humans to intake and is the leading cause of the cancer and birth defect issues that humans have received as well (“Cancer in people”, 2011).

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