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Nuclear Energy is always a hot topic when it comes to discussing about Energy sources. Some environmental organizations have used some untrue arguments to frighten people about the use of this kind of energy, while glorifying other energy sources which might not be so eco-friendly as initially stated.

One of the fears about Nuclear Plants is the environmental pollution and the threat to the human health. Well, during normal operation, the level of pollution of one of these plants is close to zero. In short: A nuclear plant creates a nuclear reaction used to warm up water and produce high-pressure steam; this steam moves turbines that generate electricity and at the end, it’s released to ...view middle of the document...

Other energy sources, like Eolic Energy are virtually clean but they have other kinds of problems. Windmills have a high impact on the landscapes. They are usually installed in wide, open areas, ruining completely the sights. Besides this, every year a lot of birds die after hitting the wind turbines. According to the American Bird Conservancy association, between 100,000 and 440,000 birds die every year due to this. Let´s put it this way: There is no such a thing called clean energy.

Another big fear about Nuclear Plants is the danger for the population in case of an accident. The real fact is that only a few minor incidents have happened across the world during the history of Nuclear Power. There have been, though, two big accidents caused by exceptional circumstances that triggered most of the irrational fears about this kind of energy: The first one was the incident at Chernobyl; which has been demonstrated after the trial and different investigations to have been caused by the negligence of different officials and the lack of trained operators in the course of a test incorrectly performed across different steps. According to the World Nuclear Association, a series of incorrectly performed operations lead to one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Nuclear Power. The second one is the Fukushima incident, still somehow active today and being fought to avoid further consequences. A huge earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, which flooded the Plant, caused the accident. None of these accidents were, obviously, due to usual causes.

The cost of Nuclear Energy production is another usual complaint. Nuclear energy is relatively cheap. Probably the electric companies wouldn’t be interested in this kind of energy if it were not cost effective and able to generate revenue for the investors. In fact, the Nuclear Energy Institute estimates that the one hundred Nuclear Plants in the US generate more than 40$ billion each year providing jobs for around 100,000 workers.

Nuclear energy...

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