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The Volunteer Way is a non-profit organization in Pasco County that focuses on helping financially insecure individuals and families. Approximately 20,000 families receive food from The Volunteer Way each month. In addition to the principal warehouse, the organization also operate a donation based store, a soup kitchen, and a hydroponic farm. The Volunteer Way is dedicated to helping those in need and will not turn away anyone who is in need. The organization was founded twenty-one years ago by a few individuals in a household kitchen with very little food to give away. Now, The Volunteer Way can serve the needs of over twenty-thousand people a month and will soon move into a larger warehouse. All aspects of the organization are founded through grants and federal subsides; no loans are taken out in order to keep the organization afloat. The soup kitchen is located in Moon Lake and provides warm meals to approximately one hundred of the homeless people in that region a day. The outreach program in Moon Lake also provides warm showers and gently used clothes. The hydroponic farm is a relatively new acquisition and provides thousands of pounds of fresh food a year to low-income and homeless individuals. Homebound senior citizens can receive aid in the form of the Brown Bag Program. In the third week of every month volunteers deliver upwards of 60 pounds of food to seniors. In conjunction with the Brown Bag Program, “Animeals” helps to deliver pet food to homebound seniors with pets.
When I volunteered at The volunteer Way I was put to work in the Little Angel Helping Hands store located right next to the principal warehouse. This store sells the necessities required by the less fortunate. The main items in the store are toilet paper, baby diapers, Depends, and other small medical products. The prices of the products are greatly reduced and are labeled as donations; if an individual cannot afford the products then they just pay what they can. When the store was open for business I was responsible for bagging all of the customers’ purchases. Beside me, there was another volunteer who was ringing up all of the purchases. The store closes at noon every weekday so as it got closer to closing time my role became even more important. Many customers wanted to check out at the same time so they could go and receive food from the warehouse. The volunteer next to me was very knowledgeable as to the prices of the products; most products had the prices written on them in permanent marker but others did not. I was surprised that the purchases could be paid for not only with cash but with a debit card. After the store closed, the real work began. Many of the products were missing from the shelves because they were so desperately needed by the individuals in the area. All of the volunteers in the store had to go into the warehouse to pickup boxes of newly delivered supplies and take them back to the store. Once the large boxes were in...

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