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Violent Video Games
Did you know that video games aren’t just fun and games anymore? It may be influencing your child to hurt others. Video games are very enjoyable, but they are also very dangerous and unhealthy for children. More than 90% of children and adolescents play video games, the majority of those games contain violent content. However, this does not mean all types of video games are bad and that children will only develop bad habits from playing the video games. Video games can have tremendous negative effects on the brains and body of children and adolescents. They also promote inactivity, health problems such as obesity, and violence towards others.

First, playing violent video games can encourage kids to think violence is needed for everything they do or their personality may become more aggressive and violent. Violence can be life threatening and damaging to the child’s health and is the theme of a handful of video games. You can buy game controllers that resemble real guns, this is just making the problem worse by making the game seem more real because you are actually holding the “weapon” in your hands. Studies show “playing violent video games did in fact raise violent behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Violence in video games is also more harmful than violence in television because of the interaction found in these games” (American Psychological Association). An example of a violent video game is Call of duty. In this game the players hunt each other with the intention to kill the other player to receive a higher ranking. This can cause the child or teen to become obsessed with getting the highest ranking which in turn can cause them to become addicted to the game. According to Teen Health, “These effects seem to be stronger in young people who already tend to be aggressive.” In addition, “even taking into account the person's hostility, it is clear that exposure to violent games causes’ increased aggressive behavior”(Teen Health). Video games are making children think it is okay to be violent towards their peers. Children learn from what they see and start acting like what they have been learning.

Second, Repetitive killing in the game can cause the player that’s playing the game to act aggressively. Most violent video games are just about killing or portraying some type of violence, if the player does these actions to often and for long periods of time he or she can subconsciously learn those actions and become violent. In a study “two groups of kids were asked to play violent video games more than another group. The group who had more exposure to the game was more violent than the one who did not play as much” (Harding). If the child plays the game too much they can develop the habit of being aggressive just for fun or they may not understand what they are doing because they are learning to be violent from the video game. Most games out today have blood, drugs, explicit content, and many weapons such as explosives or...

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