Numerical Data Analysis

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To have numerical data is when you measure data that is identified on a number scale. Numerical data is a different way to collect data from categorical data. To have categorical data is when data can be placed into categories that are mutually exclusive such as favorite colors, or even who is your favorite teacher is. Categorical data is way different from numerical data. Numerical data is when data is measured or identified on a numerical scale. A few examples of numerical data are list of people weights, and when your answer has to be numerical. This means that the answer that you come back with has to be a number, it has to be a number that represents some type of quantity. In this portfolio I also have bivariate data, bivariate data is when you have two questions in your data instead of just asking one. There’s two questions of interest.
In this portfolio I prepared the question, “does the area that people live in affect the grades you get”? I wanted to know because society blames it on the area that the students live in and that’s not true all the time. Here is my two survey questions that follows up with my inqurity question. One of my questions is what is your household income? The reason why I wanted to know everyones household income is because the household income determines the neighborhood a person lives in. my opther survey question is what is your grade point average? Th reason why I wanted to know peoples grade average is because if people don’t live in low income housing and have poor grades, then society is wrong.
Subjects Ques. 1 Ques. 2 Subjects Ques. 1 Ques. 2
1.Nestor 42k 3.85 26
2.Tim 50k 3.0 27
3Lamisha 8k 3.50 28
4.Susalen 20k 2.0 29
5.Areli 33k 2.0 30
6.Darah 78k 1.74 31
7.Willaim 30k 3.83 32
8.Ashley 92k 3.98 33
9.Leigh-Ann 63k 3.98 34
10Andrea 18k 3.0 35
11.John 35k 3.0 36
12.Shanique 38k 3.0 37
13.Olina 20k 2.0 38
14.Maria 20k 3.75 39
15.Jose M 30k 2.0 40
16.Kevin 40k 2.50 41
17.Brittany 14k 3.40 42
18.De’Monique 19k 2.40 43
19.Brianna S 4k 2.50 44
20.Elijawn 15k 3.0 45
21.Ivana 19k 2.55 46
22.Thijs. 48k 3.8 47
23 What is you household income? What is your grade point average? 48
24 What is you household income? What is your grade point average? 49
25 What is you household income? What is your grade point average? 50

ques 1 ques 2
mean 33.45455 2.944545
meadin 30 3
mode 20 3
SD 22.2191 0.740886

The mean is theaverage of all your data.
The median is the value that is in the middle of...

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