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Many Kinds Of Love Essay

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Miami Dade CollegeHomesteadMany kinds of Love …Elizabeth CalzadillaENC 1101ContrerasElizabeth CalzadillaENC 1101Contreras9/20/14Many Kinds of Love …Sometimes we meet someone and we aren't consciously aware of the impact they will have on our life. We aren't aware how much an individual will mean to us. We aren't aware of how much seeing them smile will mean to us. We aren't aware how much we will love them. We aren't aware of looking forward to a simple text from them. We aren't aware of falling in love, sometimes it just happens.I know what you're thinking, "Wow, here we go with this love B.S" but sometimes a story is worth being told. Sometimes its worth sharing a memory.I remember waking up one day feeling no different than I usually did, this day wasn't any different. Today wasn't a special day, I didn't think I would meet someone who would alter my life, my destiny. I did my regular morning activities and when I was done I took a seat and wheeled my way over to my computer desk to check my Facebook. I had a couple of messages but one stood out. It said "Royal Legacy - Hey are you Manny's sister?" I read over the message and clicked on his profile, he wasn't handsome at all in his photos, in fact he was actually kind of ugly. I usually ignore people who message me but I was curious as to why he asked me about my brother. So I replied "Yeah, that's my brother."A simple message is where it all started…From that day on we talked constantly until the day he came to see me at my job at the time, as he walked in the doors of the restaurant where I worked my palms started sweating, my heart pulsed faster and I turned around. It was like I saw everything I had ever looked for when I saw him. Of course I felt this irrational behavior was unacceptable so I quickly dismissed this feeling as anxiety. I smiled at him and approached the table where he had got sat and said hello, he looked up at me and spoke a few words. I didn't hear a word he said, instead I gazed into his eyes and shook my head yes.He had his dinner and left and we continued to spend time together after that. I didn't ask him his actual name until like 2 weeks later. He was an artist and music producer and Royal Legacy was his artist name, His birth name was Leonel Alvarado. Leonel became the object of my affection. I had never met someone with such immense passion for everything they did, he was motivated, hardworking and had so many dreams. I had just dropped out of high school and was working as a server at a local restaurant.I didn't have the highest hopes for myself, I felt destined to live the life my family had. He changed it all the moment he entered my life, his dreams where so contagious, his ambition made my heart beat. Pretty soon all I wanted was success and a bright future. We opened a music, modeling and photography studio together with one goal. Our talks at night in bed were of a millionaire life. We never dreamed small. Pillow talks of dreams beyond...

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