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Nurse Burnout Related To Scheduling, Stress, And Job Satisfaction

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Many negative results stem from nurse burnout. The greatest of these negative results can be seen in patient mortality rates. There is a correlation between poorly staffed nursing shifts and nursing burnout. A study which examined “197,961 admissions and 176,696 nursing shifts of 8 hours each in 43 hospital units to examine the association between mortality and patient exposure to nursing shifts during which staffing by RNs was 8 hours or more below target” (Needleman et al., 2011, p. 1037). The researchers found a strong connection “between increased mortality and unit shifts during which staffing by RNs was 8 hours or more below the target level (hazard ratio per shift 8 hours or more ...view middle of the document...

, 2010, p. 256). The contributing factors of nurse burnout are: “role ambiguity, workload, age, lack of hardiness, active coping and social support” (Brooks et al., 2010, p. 256). Nurses that had a lack of commitment to their job, were unable to deal with co-workers, were unsatisfied at work, had health problems of their own, and lacked coping skills were more likely to experience burnout (Brooks et al., 2010). More than “40% of hospital nurses have burnout levels that exceed the norms for health care workers and job dissatisfaction among nurses is four times greater than the average for all US workers” (Brooks et al., 2010, p. 255).
There are plentiful resources available to combat nurse fatigue. Some of these resources, implemented creatively, could have positive financial and productivity results from increased nurse job satisfaction. An enlightening study followed a researcher who developed a program at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia for nurse burnout and compassion fatigue. She found that when staff had the chance to express and converse about their feelings it was helpful for them and it increased chances for communal support through involvement with others (Brooks et al., 2010). Perhaps, hospitals could utilize their counselors to provide open door sessions for nurses in order to offer them an opportunity to vent their frustrations.
Another resource that could be manifested in many ways involves relaxation training. “Relaxation training decreased the nurses’ self-reported work stress and increased their self-reported psychophysiological health as measured by two scales, the Chinese General Health Questionnaire and the Nurse Stress Checklist” (Brooks et al., 2010, p. 256). The authors concluded that even “relatively brief instruction in relaxation techniques may serve to reduce stress levels” (Brooks et al., 2010 p. 256). It seems that relaxation training, which could be made into a video in order to save money on labor hours, is a cost effective way to alleviate nurse stress and prevent burnout. Additionally, another study aiming to find ways to reduce nurse stress and burnout implemented massage combined with music and aromatherapy for nurses. Findings showed that aromatherapy massage with music considerably reduced anxiety in all seasons (Brooks et al., 2010).
A major barrier to reducing nurse stress and burnout, utilizing any of the proposed resources, is time management. A study that is indicative of the rampant time management problem found in nursing landscapes looked at the use of mandala drawing for nurse burnout reduction. The study found that nurses who completed more sessions of drawing saw a greater reduction in stress and burnout. Unfortunately, many nurses reported that they did not have the time to attend sessions even though this study was approved by the host hospital and time was specifically allocated for its implementation. The researcher found...

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